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The Beam-Monsters Community Forum has several rules in place to ensure a respectful and constructive environment. These include obtaining permission for ports, no rudeness or personal attacks, no spamming or trolling, and no discussions of illegal activities. Members are allowed one login account per IP, and offensive posts may be removed without notice. Advertising and solicitations are not permitted, and moderation decisions are final. The forum is free, and disputes with staff are handled privately. The rules may be updated as needed for community harmony.


Community Forum Rules:

1. Ports: Any ports must be approved by a moderator or admin, and permission from the original creator must be obtained. No exceptions.
2. Respectful Conduct: Rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks, and purposeless inflammatory posts are not tolerated.
3. Meaningful Contributions: Avoid posting meaningless threads or short, non-sense posts.
4. Post Count Manipulation: Multiple or repeated posting to increase post count is not allowed.
5. Advertising, Spamming, and Trolling: Do not use the forum, email, visitor messages, blog comments, picture comments, or private message systems to advertise, spam, or troll other members.
6. Bumping Posts: Wait a reasonable amount of time (24 hours for style changes and general questions, 12 hours for troubleshooting) before bumping posts.
7. Inappropriate Content: Do not post or link to sexual, violent, or content that violates the community's standards.
8. Illegal Activities: Discussing software piracy, music piracy, or other intellectual property violations is not allowed.
9. Single Account Policy: Each member is allowed only one login account per IP address.
10. Constructive Conversations about Competitors: Comparative conversations about competitors' products are allowed, but avoid blatant advertisement or bashing.
11. Offensive Posts: Offensive posts may be removed without notice.
12. Non-English Posts: If posting in a language other than English, provide an English translation as well.
13. Discussion of Moderator Actions: Avoid discussing moderator actions in posts.
14. Disruptive Actions: Any actions deemed disruptive or abusive are subject to appropriate measures.
15. Affiliate and Referral Links: Posting affiliate or referral links, or asking for referrals, is not allowed.
16. Contests and Advertisements: No posting of advertisements or notices for contests.
17. Relevant Posts: Posts must be related to the previous post or the thread's topic.
18. Release Date Inquiries: Do not ask for release dates.
19. Advertising Services and Solicitation: Posting threads or sending messages to advertise or solicit products, services, funds, or donations is prohibited. Explicit advertising in signatures is also prohibited.
20. Free Platform: Beam-Monsters.com is and always will be free. No profit should be made from the work of developers and modelers without their permission.
21. Moderation: The administrators and moderators will do their best to review and remove objectionable messages, but cannot review all posts. By agreeing to the rules, you agree not to post any objectionable content.
22. Moderation Rights: The owners reserve the right to remove, edit, move, or close any thread for any reason.
23. Staff Disputes: Disputes with staff should be handled privately through the Private Message System. If necessary, escalate the issue by messaging an admin.
24. Rules Update: The community forum rules may be updated and modified to ensure smooth operation and meet the needs of the community.


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