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Beam-Monsters costs approximately $90 a month to operate.


Youtube Membership:
To gain additional in-game perks, simply become a member of our YouTube channel and connect your YouTube account to our Discord platform. By doing so, you can access a wide range of benefits within our Discord community. Please click the link below.








Traditional Donations:

To donate, click on the "Donations" tab at the top of the page.
To become a "Donator," a minimum donation of $10 is required. Alternatively, two transactions of $5 each within one month will also qualify.
Donator member status is valid for 3 months.
Anonymous donations are also an option.
Contact an admin if you require donation perks.
Donation Benefits:
- Donator Role: New Name, Color, and Banner
- One Name Change Every 30 Days (Members cannot)
- Ability to Search Every 5 Seconds (Members have a 20-second limit)
- Ability to Change Rating on a File/Topic (Members cannot)
- Allowed Animated Profile Picture (Members cannot)
- 15 Conversations Allowed to Start Per Day (Members have 5)
- Maximum of 20 Recipients Per Conversation (Members have 10)
- Storage for 50 Conversations (Members have 25)
- Maximum of 8 Clubs Allowed to Create (Members have 4)
- Unlimited Number of Reactions Allowed Per Day (Members have 10)
- Assist in Keeping Beam-Monsters.com Operational and Supplying Content!

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