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Hey members of the Beam-Monsters community, I'm WarWizardMonster. I used to be on Sim-Monsters as WarWizard.  Honestly, you can call me Ryan.


I've been watching monster jam since 2005 (when I was 6) I've played Rigs Of Rods since the release of 0.37.126, and I've been a member of Sim-Monsters since 2011. I only uploaded one file on sim-monsters and it was these very bad custom repaints of Backwards Bob and Barbarian.  


I found BeamNG on youtube around its early access release and I eventually just kept following it until there was well established monster jam mods. Soon enough recently I found this website and found my school laptop could handle BeamNG.drive. Sooooo, I saved up some money and bought the game, downloaded as many mods as I can and I'm having a great time. I'm a little new to the community but its very reassuring seeing some Sim-Monsters veterans on here. I've read on old forums about unreleased/removed tracks (hence my annoying World Finals 4-6 Request in the forum), and generally enjoy doing realistic monster truck gameplay in BeamNG. I hope I can connect well with all of you guys and I hope I can even become a creator and a contributing member to this forum:)

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