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TNT All-American 1987 and 1990 | Pulling, Mud, and Monsters | New Orleans Fauxback | Bonus Green Valley pulling 1.0.0

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I've been binging some old USHRA era Monster Trucks, while also enjoying some of the latest Beamng Repo mods that make pulling and mud racing so much more fun, so I got inspired to do this!


1987 is inspired by the era where monster trucks were seen as the sideshow, when they'd still do sled pulling and mudding in their tracks. Its a swirl type track, where you pull the sled to the first USHRA sign (in the tuning tab, set the sled pull ratio to 4 for best results), then turn out to do a long car crush section, then finally go into the side by side mud racing track to finish. Of course, you can change it up if you want, but that's what it was built for. The tracks can also just be used for pulling with trucks and tractors, and you can use the mud pits for mud racing.


1990 is a slightly more modern era where monster trucks became the main attraction, and pulling and mud racing became the side acts. This uses a much more normal j-hook course, its nothing you haven't seen before. And although it isn't built for it, you can even run laps around it if you want. The truck pulling is the truck pulling, default 3 gear ratio for the sled is the intended ratio. The mud is deeper, since its only one lane, mainly so its more fun to run on its own.


Green Valley Pulling is just Cookie Monster's Green Valley map, but set up for pulling. I put too much work into it to keep it for myself, but its also just flat ground with decal roads so I think its own entry is unneeded. And I figured that if you're clicking on a pre-freestyle map you are more likely to care about pulling, so I'd just put it in here since its thematically appropriate.


All maps come pre spawned with the new pulling sleed from the repo https://www.beamng.com/resources/tractor-pulling-sled.28928/


Both New Orleans maps use FPS Crush Cars


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