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Bloomsburg Retro, by hwf REDUX 2

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Remember the old Penda Points series?


Yeah, I made a track like it. Hearkening back to the bygone days of the Bloomsburg 4x4 Jamboree, here's a straightline drag race course with crush cars. I also made a tough truck course inspired by the real life Buck Motorsports Park, and made a tractor pulling course down the middle of it. There's also a mud racing track, side by side. Featuring moveable barriers on the non FPS version! Also, there's two finish lines. The shorter course is a realisticish 330 foot, and the longer course is 425 feet.


I recommend the Pulling sled. Put it on gear ratio 4 for a realistic pull. https://www.beamng.com/resources/tractor-pulling-sled.28928/


Almost all of the credit goes to Docholiday for making the Bloomsburg 2019 map, maxdman @sim-monsters for making the original york fair model, which Docholiday adapted from, and Mjamfan22 for the FPS crush pack


File 1: Beamng crush cars, 16 stripped down bluebucks, based off of Cookie Monster's formatting on another map.


File 2: FPS Crush Cars, 16 dirty skinned moonhawks REQUIRES THE FPS CRUSH PACK FOR THIS VERSION:


Edited by hwf0712
To reflect it being a redux

What's New in Version 2   See changelog


Near total revamp. Better crush cars (copied from one of Cookie Monster's maps) for the non FPS version, optimised for new crush cars on the FPS version. 2 finish lines, one at ~425 feet, and a shorter one for a more reaslitic 330 feet. Side by side mud racing. Revamped the tuff truck course. Sled pull is more optimised.

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Fun Retro map

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Jax the snow leopard

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its not a bad concept by any means, just for future reference smooth the sides of the ramps just so they're not jagged walls, and as for racing i'd move the final jump out another 10 or so feet just so you don't stuff into those cars and get grabbed, but not bad

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Love this, but only issue is distance on last set of crushcars from the launch car to the second set

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