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  1. Poop @relentless99 all of the skins are there including the expedition so you don't have to ask
  2. @michael schumacherFirst you go to Google images, then left click next copy image link finally go to Insert Image From URL on the box below and click on it once you done that in the box it should say e.g. then left click and put the image link in the box then click insert to post The image should show on the post you're posting if this doesn't help contact me
  3. @AzlancoolKidThank you for the Feedback I appreciate that and you enjoy the rest of your spring break I'm going to go cry in the shower now until there's more updates in the future.,..
  4. @AzlancoolKidwell s***so it's just CRD & CRC for now?
  5. @SPEED293 Sure no problem!
  6. @SPEED293Exterminator was already been made in another pack + Brutus, Monster Mutt?, Avenger and other truck are in development ( just Monster Mutt, Brutus, and Avenger also Rage I don't know about Time Flys, Batman nor Spike as of right now those three trucks I mentioned earlier are still in development... The best thing to do is just wait patiently for when CRC comes out, with all due respect it's not hard to do, Let them finish what they need to do that's all I'm asking pls