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    I like it but i think it would be better if the middle hybrid was gone and the other ramps were moved in a bit, feels very cramped because of that and venue size but ramps all work really well
    Map is great although the star section the double is more of a valley otherwise the map is great!
    Awesome track Id love to see more 2016 and 15 tracks aswell
  1. It wont let me write another review but if I could I would. Everything I was talking about with the stadium is fixed and a map revamp I love it
    Great map Id love to see more 2016 tracks! cars were a little deadly sometimes for me but that might just be my driving lol
    I really like this map and the track design is great, although the cars near the bus seem to really tear up the suspension. I also think a version with the actual crushable FPS cars would be a great but otherwise I love this map.
    Not bad, but it needs some polish on mostly the stadium model
    5 stars just to show support and to all the negative comments please leave helpful critasism but just saying its bad dosnt help and its like the people who ask for Max D when the devs just spent a month making a body so please be respectful and kind
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