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    This bike is like no other. CRGZ you have set the bar very high, very well done. There's still a lot of known issues, but just know it's still VERY WIP. I can tell that this is no where near a finished product, but nothing is ever perfect. Good job, CRGZ!
    Skratch back at it again with some LEGENDARY SKINS great job dude.
    YOOO Hawk great job. I absolutley love it! (also wtf is the review under this)
  1. incoming project. Houston 2021 Show 1
    Dude you absolutley frickin' killed it with this skin! I absolutley love it!
    i love the fact that people are wondering how to get avenger lol. good track nonetheless. good job.
    Good map not gonna lie, but why are the ramps SO BIG
    Smoothing needs a bit of work done on it. Nonetheless a very good track. Looks nice!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    St. Louis 2019 Custom - Racing & Freestyle These tracks IN TOTAL took 11 Hours and 32 minutes. Racing and Freestyle both come in the same file. Credits Stadium Model - Maxdman Revamped Parts and Stadium Addition - Chris B Track - Me (f_uzion) Non-Crush Cars - Mjamfan22 Props / Prop Pack - Docholiday Testing Extra Racing Touches and Details - The Game Main Testing - Coopdaboss
  3. Version 1.0.0


    I came up with this truck a while back, and I felt that it would be a very good possibility. It kind of gives off retro vibes. Texture - f_uzion Body by - Develop Terron New Sponsor Plates - KILLERCREW33 Requires the Breaking Records pack by KILLERCREW33 for the sponsor plates.
    Track looks very good. I very much like it.
    Yo you're KILLING it with these maps! Keep up the hard work!