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  1. Version 1.5.0


    Welcome to El Paso, TX! Downloads File 1 - Racing File 2 - Freestyle File 1 - Both Tracks IF YOU HAVE UTEPSunBowl2019Freestyle.zip OR UTEPSunBowl2019Racing.zip, DELETE THEM BEFORE DOWNLOADING UPDATED FILE. When searching, search "UTEP". It will be the only results. If I missed any credits, Please DM me ASAP! This track requires the FPS Crush Car Pack!
  2. About to be Pending Approval :swole_pengu:
  3. It’s Funky Stadium. Can be found here https://www.beamng.com/threads/mario-kart-map-project-update-4-21-tracks.79000/
  4. Skins coming soon™️ to the pack! Pastrana 199 by @Mud_Tires 164 Disney XD by @Jeandre1512
    Despite the lack of FPS I get, it's still fun even without the cars. Killed it, Hawk!
  5. Figured i’d show this off now. 2 trucks (already out). 1 Track (WIP).
    marvelous 🤌🥖
  6. Version 2.0


    Introducing, The Crew Cab Truck Pack! A huge thanks to @Mud_Tires 164 for any of this to happen. I learned how to make replicas the easy way from him. NOTE: These are my FIRST REPLICA SKINS, so they might not be 1:1. Trucks: Nitro Circus - by @f_uzion 106.7 The Fox ‘07- by @f_uzion 106.7 The Fox ‘09 - by @f_uzion Pastrana 199 - by @Mud_Tires 164 Disney XD ‘09 - by @Jeandre1512 Disney XD ‘13 - by @Jeandre1512 If I missed any credits, please DM me through the website! P.S. - When you're looking for 106.7 The Fox, search 1067TheFox. I don't know what's up with beam This pack requires Blz Pack V4.1.
    im suprised. you outdid yourself, gio. what an outstanding job!
  7. 1. these arent CRDs 2. eventually, they will be made by someone.
  8. Version 1.1.0


    Welcome to Seattle, Washington! In 2019, this was the first show in Seattle in 20 YEARS! Downloads File 1 - Racing File 2 - Freestyle File 3 - Non-Crush Racing File 4 - Non-Crush Freestyle If I missed any credits, PLEASE DM me on Discord or through the website! (Discord is Great Value™️ bqlistic#9633) Regular Versions require Mjamfan22's FPS Crush Cars!
    I like this track very much! Yet another track that's simple, compact, yet fun! Great job, Bobcat!