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    this is my new favorite truck to use! when I open the game its gonna be the first truck I pick every time. It simply looks bad ass
    gap between the 2 bus stacks is either too large or the ramps arent built right. That event was where Dennis Anderson got the biggest air of all time hitting that double bus stack and I cant make it passed the 2nd stack no matter what I do. otherwise, great map!
    Covid Crusher is a nice touch! must of gotten Pelosi to do that one ūüėČ
    The idle is unbelievably realistic. I personally feel the old sound was more realistic than current though. to me it almost sounds fake/arcade like. Still a nice change from the old but I just personally like the old better, besides the idle. the idle is awesome!
  1. Hey all, I am never busy and have all the time in the world and figured id start making some custom and replica maps for everyone but I need help as to where I even start for making maps. I get the idea I just dont know where to go to start. the question has been asked before but got no replies so here I am asking in hopes someone can help. I mean.. it will benefit us all if I learn how to make maps or trucks because I have ALL the time in the world.
  2. ive had it downloaded for awhile, didnt see that this was stated there. thank you
  3. Tried to use the grave digger retro today and there seems to be an issue with the 4-link bars and when you put it in gear and go wide open throttle its breaking something in the drive-line or something and makes it unable to move.
  4. my excitement cannot be contained right now!!