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My Introduction

E Glitch

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Hello all, E. Glitch here. I'm confident that anyone reading this has never seen me before anywhere but I just felt "Why not make a post?" so here we go. I joined this community around a year or so ago after finding it through BeamNG's page, talked to a few guys in the Discord then vanished. Hadn't really bothered communicating with anyone, was just enjoying the CRD mods, cause I was a Monster Jam addict since I was young but I tend to be introvertive. That's pretty much the short story of how I got here, but otherwise I'm just a small YouTuber who's been working to grow (Oh yeah, I play on a potato laptop). I started going by E. Glitch around June or July of last year, one of the two (Made this logo July 4th, which was after I started going by it, so I can only guess) But my OG friends know me as Tore. I do some sort of digital art, scripting (Luau and JavaScript, though I'm hella new to JS), occassionally random models (Recently pure melee weapons), and more that I don't feel like digging into (It's 4AM and details is a no😊). If there's anything that interests you, feel free to comment and I'll respond when I can.

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