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After constant teasing and showcasing, the Madness pack is here! This pack features a variety of skins and bodies.

For starters lets start with the old and get newer.


The West Coast Independant Pack has been moved to be apart of this pack, please remove it if you still have it as it will cause confliction.

Some updates have been added to skins in this pack such as:

Tropical Thunder and The Patriot 2006 have been put on the correct body

Wicked Strong has been updated to have yellow Planitaries

Kamikaze, Wrecking Machine and Rockwell R.E.D. have new variations and are on the correct body


Next is all the new skins! Some of these skins have been sitting on my computer for a long time so some might not be the best but I did not want to leave them behind.

I wont be naming them all off here but a short list includes:

Grave Digger 40th Anniversary

Basher 2022

Heavy Hitter 2022

Bounty Hunter (2019 Spin Master)


Rockwell R.E.D. 2022


Nitemare Express

USA-1 2015

The Rod Ryan Show 2022

V8 Bomber


Some quick Customs that are in the pack as well, these are all customs I made and thought of:

Frost Bite
Cummins Diesel 

State of Decay


Along with the new skins there are 3 brand new Bodies! These are all unique and I will be very interested to see how people use them for later paints!

These new bodies are:

2001 Ford Excursion

2001 Chevy Avalanche

2018 Ford Raptor (On CRD and CRD3)

1988 Chevy Silverado

2014 Chevy Trophy Truck


Important Credits:

Excursion body: Original body by Sheets, Modifications done by MadnessMT

Avalanche body: Original body by Sheets, Modifications done by MadnessMT

Raptor body: Original body by Sheets, Modifications done by Nathan H

1988 Silverado: Body by Jake Urns on Sim-Monsters

2014 Chevy Trophy Truck: Grill by Terron, Cab by Sheets

Original JBeams: CRD Mod

Rockwell RED Paint: Michael Ardnt, modifications by Trevor Michalesko  and Austin Dahlgren on Sim-Monsters

Wicked Strong and McGruff 2007: @Vincent

Grave Digger 40th: @MJH

Kamikaze Paint: 507Designs on Sim-Monsters

Several Other Skins: MadnessMT





Edited by rormadness

What's New in Version 1.2.0   See changelog


Renamed 2018 Ford Raptor to 2010 Ford Raptor
    Added Grill Cut to 2010 Raptor
    Added Rockwell RED (Mowery Late 2022)


Added 1988 Chevy Silverado (Body by Jake Urns on Sim-Monsters)

    Added USA-1 (2021 Trantina)
    Added Survivor 2022

Added 2014 Chevy Trophy Truck (Grill by Terron, Cab by Sheets)
    Updated Play'N For Keeps to be on correct body
    Added USA-1 (2022)

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

"only here for gd 40th" -¬†ūü§ď

jk jk all jokes aside dude the sheer work and time you put into this is insane. you, jackson, and everyone else who made skins for thi pack did an amazing job and im truly amazed. cannot wait to see what you bring in the future!

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   3 of 4 members found this review helpful 3 / 4 members

Absolutely blown away at the attention to detail on each of the trucks from the replicas to customs you didn't spare anytime, Each truck loads up fine and all look amazing while getting drilled into the ground. The new bodies are a nice addition as well. This is a pack everyone should have fun with and enjoy.

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   2 of 3 members found this review helpful 2 / 3 members

I am mind blown with the detailing of the trucks, new bodies and awesome skins! Great job man! Keep up the Great Work!

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   1 of 2 members found this review helpful 1 / 2 members

Really like that grave digger 40th anniversary truck is in this mod. Also in the future I would like to see maxd 10th anniversary trucks in there

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   1 of 2 members found this review helpful 1 / 2 members

im so glad that Rockwell red is now in beam

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