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    There is no terrain for me. Its just a flat map with crush cars and containers
  1. I appreciate your reply you made, But what i meant by the World Editor thing is that i would have used it to remove the trees because those lag a lot of maps for me but ever since Thanksgiving the World Editor causes the game to crash with error code 0x0000409 STATUS_STACK_BUFFER_OVERRUN. Which there's no help on Google except for a meme on Reddit and things like "Turn Off Dynamic Reflections, Turn Off Online Features and Uninstall BeamMP" (Which are all disabled for me) On my end the decalroads show up white. I would have also removed that if the World Editor didn't throw a game crash at me.
    It's nice seeing WFXXII finally hitting Beam-Monsters after remaining private and shown on YouTube for so long, But there REALLY needs to be an FPS version of this track. I'm not trying to be critical or bash the upload in any way. But this map lags really hard on my rig, I am unable to use the world editor right now as it comes up with STATUS_STACK_BUFFER_OVERRUN everytime i try to use it. An FPS version without the trees and some other performance heavy items would be gladly accepted. This map is amazing.
  2. 0.30 is probably the worst BeamNG update. It removed speculars, Forcing everything to be PBR and is also causing issues with Dragon's wings. The only thing Good? are the new cars and T-Series
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Sizzling its way onto the Beam-Monsters site next is Bacon Bruiser! With its design wrapped in a bacon print, This truck features 2 presets: 2023 2023 Alternate 2024 (Coming Soon) Credits: Body by Andrew Sheets@Sim-Monsters Paint by Me Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for my next upload!
    One of my favorite Modern Beam-Monsters Packs! Love the additions of Nitemare Express, Hot Wheels Demo Derby, V8 Bomber and the Encore Zombies! But the Burned Zombie should probably be darker and more of a blood-like color, But the Biker truck is amazing in detail and Skeleton and WF16 Yellow are perfect.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Here is my first CRC skin! A custom pink Avenger paint job with an 80's theme. This truck is ready to tear up the track! Credits: Body by Andrew Sheets, MrHumanTarget and MjamFan22. Paint by Me. Hope you enjoy this 80's Avenger custom and stay tuned for my next uploads!
  5. Why do my dragons not have wings? Outdated mods? Is a Nvidia GPU required to render the wings? I need help.
    Great mod, Unique customization options, But why did you make the Re-Scale chassis slower? It used to be able to reach insane speeds of over 100. But now it can only go to 97 max.
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