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  1. I figure it out. I Had a skill issue. I binded the key to the wrong button and it conflicted with the mod. I fixed it now.
  2. How does the Backdraft Lightbar work? I can't get it to function.
  3. Oh whoops, I thought it was. Never mind then. Well, it's probably not going to get added since it doesn't have much significance compared to 20 and other chassis and plus there are already so many grave diggers it would be redundant to add another one.
  4. Um, Racing is still bugged. I tried it again and it still isn't there. I think it is just broken. I honestly have no idea what is wrong with it.
    The map looks great but racing doesn't show up in game. I tried reinstalling the zip file and moving it to the mods folder, cleared cache and nothing works. Otherwise, Great Map!
    Looks nice but I think that map is not legally allowed on here. I don't think you got permission to use or port it to beam. The Dev's are probably not very pleased with this.
  5. Nope. The repository is so badly maintained that it was necessary to create this site and this is now the permanent home for the CRD.
  6. Yep, and I wish it stays that way. That one looks so hideous. It just doesn't justify the name and legacy of the truck at all.
  7. i really want it on there thunderoarus

    1. MonsterTruckFan2700


      I absolutely agree but it's gonna be a little while before we get it because they need a 3d model for it so they can put it together in beam, then make it realistically breakable and then it can be added. That stuff takes a long time to do plus the dev's have lives too and they get caught up in the issues life brings and it prevents them from getting this stuff done. Hopefully soon it will be done. I really am excited for it.

    2. monsty
    Great map overall! Love the new model and such but it is missing a few things that I think could improve it. It is missing a crowd texture in the stands. (Don't know if it is possible to add one on there but if so that would be a great improvement) It also could use the flashing lights and crowd cheer to make it more realistic but otherwise it is a great map and I enjoy driving on it.
    Love this map! It runs surprisingly well and it is a fun track to drive on. My only issue is that there is no crowd cheer or stadium echo which would make it a bit more realistic and even more of a joy to drive on but for what it is it's just fantastic! Great job!
    This is one masterful piece of art my dude! Great job! The only issue I noticed is that blacksmith 2006 shows up as a no texture. Everything else works just fine. Otherwise, an excellent addition to this mod!
    Nice track! Love the layout and design. Only problem is the Beam cars take way too much FPS. I have a high-performance style PC and it even struggles which it shouldn't, but it is. I am barely getting 30-40 FPS on first spawning and while driving it is more like 20-25. I think it is the beam cars cause the FPS ones don't have this issue. If possible, I think an FPS version would be a wise idea since Beam cars cause most computers to struggle running it. Just an idea. Otherwise, it is a wonderful map! Great Job!
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