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  1. I have a mission for the community if you wish to accept it, Im looking for custom skins done by you guys to be featured in my community customs ride truck pack. Im mainly looking for escalade skins but if you have any killer designs that you think will work as a ride truck send them through! just make sure the skin is fully packed and working ingame.
  2. Redline

    Ride Truck

    Digger will require cutting windows and a whole new livery so it doesn't look patchy, the decals are well out of my skill range and more effort than its worth. At this stage I have no plans to put stairs in especially retractable ones. I'm self taught with blender and would have no clue how to jbeam and animate the stairs
  3. Redline

    Ride Truck

    Did you look at the how to picture show above ^^^
  4. Redline

    Ride Truck

    Make sure you have all required packs installed
  5. Redline

    Ride Truck

    Version 2.0


    The wait is finally over! Have you ever wanted to grab a bunch of your mates, throw them in the back of a monster truck then do a backflip? No? Only me? Well here is your chance anyways with the all new CRD and CRD 3.0 ride truck! Each chassis come with the ability to have 8 passengers chilling in the back while you drive them to their impending doom, with this mod comes a handful of configs of irl ride trucks such as BKT and Predator YOU MUST HAVE Gameboys front engine pack for this to work because it is spawned under the barstow engine if you havent spawned a premade config Big thanks to Jedi, Mike, Tex and Skratch for letting me use their skins for this mod. Bobcat for blender help, cleaning up the seat box and seat textures. Then finally Gameboy for the engine, jbeam, troubleshooting and helping me out to create this mod V 1.5 includes a file clean up, Redid the passengers so there are better textures, seat base now has texture as originally planned
  6. Version 1.5.0


    After some time Ive decided to show some love to some of my favorite skins I've made/revamped with new textures and parts along with a whole new skin! For this pack to work you need Bev pack, Grave Digger Vintage, Bobcat, Gameboy addons, Dfiddy thunder chassis and Mjam packs
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Here is a repli/slight custom of the 2021 Monster Truck Mania show down in Sydney Australia, This is my first track so it may not be the best but Im happy with it enough to release it Of course requries crush pack to work
  8. I would like to claim my truck Black Betty once I've uploaded my pack onto the site
    Really fun map would recommend if you like monster trucks and tough truck
  9. Just wondering do I have your permission to make a skin using your body?
  10. Freestyle isnt showing after latest update
  11. Can someone please link me to the map shown in the images? I cant find it anywhere if its a public release
  12. Hey everyone Just a random idea I've had since the CRD has a tow hitch I was wondering if there is a chance of someone making a trailer more suiter for the truck as in height and wheel size? Also it would also be great to see a trailer for a semi that can properly load a monster truck with both transport and 66" wheels for better transportation aswel as imersion, surely im not the only one who has wanted to properly put a monster on a flatbed or dry van?
  13. This has been fixed if you download the Grave Digger retro body