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    The sounds sound super good! it just sounds a little choppy here and there but still, very realistic!!
  1. im doing an event where you choose a truck (before 1.17) and drive on a track that is not released on beam monsters. the reason its called generic runs is because the mod was pretty generic back then. pm me on beam monsters or discord, (my discord is ahuman99#3629) rules: you must one of these truck bodies or variations, escalade, panel van, trophy truck, any trucks from the fen pack, no truck parts that are in the bev pack. event ends November 1st.
  2. so i want to get into map making for beamng drive but there isnt very much tutorials out there on how to make a map, help?
  3. I heard the developers want to work on a max d body because of how much it has been suggested, same with el toro loco.
  4. Isaiah, no, Max d or maximum destruction wont be in the game for awhile, i bet for maybe a year and a half. but the guys working on the mod are working very hard to get out new truck bodies so you can expect that!
  5. What would you think if i made a custom beam monsters sub reddit? What should i put in?
  6. Where is blue thunder 2008?, I reinstalled it, i cant find it
  7. I wish this was a different mod than the original because i like the old one too.
    I cant wait! i was wrong by 2 days for the release but oh well. Sort of wish the body panels dented more instead of it coming off. if you look at a video of a monster truck crashing, the body panels don't just come off, the metal bends more than it dose in the crd mod. otherwise its a very fun mod! (As much as we'd like this to be possible, it is not. We have tried everything when it comes to body panels and how they break and what we have arrived at is the best possible solution -jedipresence) (Body panels on modern trucks are also fiberglass, not metal. ~Bev)
    The dirt texture for the freestyle map didn't load or had no texture. but I put it to fog so i can see the outlines and its a pretty fun map.