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  1. Didn't realize this was very similar to DeniroM27's compilations until it was to late, but here it is anyways. Enjoy : )
  2. One of the links is unavailable fyi
  3. Glad to some more west coast trucks coming!
  4. Is it just me, or is this mod really nostalgic?
    It is very accurate and realistic, but the file size is way to big. If you could make them into four separate files, that would be great! since it takes up so much storage. would rate 4.5 if I could
  5. . My first track! You have to guess what it is by this teaser though. When this track releases, pls tell me some constructive criticism!
  6. Holy crap the amount of sneak peeks shown today is crazy! good work yall
  7. I thaught these were going to be added, didnt say anything but turns put im correct lol
    The skin looks amazing. Really love driving around in it.
  8. (the first pic) And a new track ive been looking forward to being made wow
  9. Holy crap thats unexpecte, 2 new bodies showcases today woah i would never think this would be made in awhile but you proved me wrong, wow+
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