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  1. Willman chassis? first I heard of that
  2. maybe I didn't read it all, my bad but there's 2.5 which should help when it releases
  3. . My first track! You have to guess what it is by this teaser though. When this track releases, pls tell me some constructive criticism!
  4. Is this kid real??? Like mate, how is the crd mod not realistic. explain how the damage is bad, pls, i'm all ears
  5. truck killer apollo has a nemesis now!
  6. Idk, maybe a track based on medival times... idk that might fit your theme
  7. Holy crap the amount of sneak peeks shown today is crazy! good work yall
  8. What maps are you trying to install? That mite be part of the problem
  9. I thaught these were going to be added, didnt say anything but turns put im correct lol
  10. It still exist... just download this pack and you have it.
  11. Tbh i feel like tommorow will be the realese for crd 2.4???? (pls ignore my grammer)
    The skin looks amazing. Really love driving around in it.