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  1. Anybody know how to change your review? mine is outdated
  2. why did this get updated?
    Its honestly pretty good but bad habit could have more detail tbh but overall its fun to mess around with
  3. More or less of a bug but I noticed the tierods sometimes clips the axles when there broken
  4. oh woah, you can also post other stuff other than monster truck stuff on this website, never knew
  5. ive tried one, i havent tried the other, ill get back to you when i finish this other tutorial
  6. when will this skin template pack be updated?
    The sounds sound super good! it just sounds a little choppy here and there but still, very realistic!!
  7. im doing an event where you choose a truck (before 1.17) and drive on a track that is not released on beam monsters. the reason its called generic runs is because the mod was pretty generic back then. pm me on beam monsters or discord, (my discord is ahuman99#3629) rules: you must one of these truck bodies or variations, escalade, panel van, trophy truck, any trucks from the fen pack, no truck parts that are in the bev pack. event ends November 1st.
  8. so i want to get into map making for beamng drive but there isnt very much tutorials out there on how to make a map, help?