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  1. We definitely wanna get some mud trucks in game. We will definitely look into that for future updates. If you wanna race online with us devs we would have to get you in one of our private discord servers. Just let me know bud!
    Not bad sir, not bad.
  2. Version 2.0


    Remastered version of an old map. Replaces YorkFair2 if you still have that in your files. So... Theres 21 crush cars on this map. After many requests from everyone and their brother to make a map with BeamNG crush cars for old times sake. More of a nostalgia thing than anything. Lower end PC, might not wanna even try this one.
  3. Do you make custom skins just by donations? or do you take requests?

    1. AE's alt account

      AE's alt account

      If you DO take requests, I have a single request:

      Name: Grave Digger 12


      Grave Digger 12 was a Chevy panel van monster truck built by Dennis Anderson and Grave Digger Racing in 1996.

      Grave Digger 12 was far different than any other Digger. The truck had a much longer stance that any of the previous Digger trucks, and also a more slim body design. The truck was also Dennis's first with nitrogen shocks as opposed to coil overs. The truck was also the first Grave Digger to run the paint template used by all Grave Diggers today.

  4. The new throwback skin is supposed to represent where we have come from as a team and how we have improved. Yes, the original was on the all black style, but the new throwback skin is on the "more complex" version of Metal Mulisha to signify us becoming more of a complicated mod from start to finish. Its a symbolic thing. We are full aware its not on the exact same skin. Thank you for the comments though, glad you like it regardless!
  5. Version 1.0.1


    Custom Monster Truck Show at Bristol Motor Speedway. Stadium: Converted and edited for BeamNG Stadium Placement: @Abroopt Requires: Nothing. Enjoy! This stadium is for BeamNG only.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Been working on this stadium model for quite awhile now. Finally got it to a point where its releasable. Don't really have any more time to dedicate to it, so I figured i'd release it now so people can enjoy it while I focus on the CRD mod. Credits: @Freddy5404 for painting track Stadium: Converted and edited for beamng
  7. Megalodon Fire Skin. WIP on chassis and parts colors. Skin is complete
  8. jedipresence is real. 




    Very good pack, Much configurations, Many preset
  9. SPOILER ALERT: Skin made on upcoming body for MjamFans Pack