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  1. This was made by Mjamfan22, who is on our dev team. Hopefully this helps.
  2. In 2.5 we are implementing a damage overhaul. Lots more breakable parts, and easier to do so. Right now the task we are working on is finding the middle ground so its not too easy, or too hard to break parts.. But just right or as close to real life as possible. Just hang tight a bit longer, the update will be out before you know it.
    Every map you make just keeps getting better and better. Keep up the good work!
  3. Version 2.5


    As requested by many... MidAmerica Offroad! Probably the best show we will get for awhile! Woo! -2.5: added a FPS online multiplayer variant of racing and freestyle (special thanks to @Bobcat) The multiplayer versions of the map were uploaded to Google drive, and display as "view" when downloading. View file 1 is Multiplayer Racing View file 2 is Multiplayer Freestyle Requires:
    Its the small attention to detail that sets maps like this above others. The particle board textures underneath the dirt was a great touch. Good job!
  4. Version 2.1


    This is a remake of an old track I made a few years ago back on the BeamNG forums. Had a lot of requests to redo the track so I present, a darker version of the original! Kinda sorta some suggestive themes with this map, as a heads up. Intro Song: August Burns Red - Westworld Requires:
  5. Everyone wanted flags on NN. We have flags now
  6. Before yall ask, no we don't have the duramax engine model yet. But ye, brodozer with methanol engine like when they jumped the plane 🙂
  7. | A little project of mine and @Mike Bev coming soon ™️
  8. CRD is getting Limit Straps! Thanks to @rockgod88 for the mesh and Jbeam
  9. Version 1.1


    Huge thanks to @AaronLurie for allowing me to recreate his SM creation in BeamNG. 2012 - 2013 Were some of the best years in Monster Jam, So bringing these tracks to life is always a goal of mine. There are over 25 FPS crush vehicles on both Racing and Freestyle. Racing is more toned down on the effects. Requires MjamFan22's FPS crush pack:
  10. The FPS version is Non Crushable cars. The racing will eventually maybe be FPS.