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  1. The Felon Devastor Krazy Train(2010-2013) AfterShock(2008-2012) Plane Krazy Avalanche USA-1 Robo Machine MLB Bigfoot Public Disturbance
  2. It Would be nice to either have nitro menace or jailbird in the mod. Both trucks have really good body work
  3. If you have been ever been apart of an monster truck event in GTA 5, tell your experience with it and tell me if you enjoyed it or not
  4. I'm Doop, I hate Trying to figure out blender.
  5. Doop

    Coolest MTM2 Track

    In your opinion what is coolest track you have ever seen or played on in MTM2?
  6. Doop

    Music Thread

    Anything Except Dubstep
  7. My favorite truck that isn't widely known is Turbulence
  8. If You could change anything about Rigs of Rods. What would it be?
  9. Pretty Cool looking track
  10. My personal Favorite was Skully that ran in the Traxxis Tours.
  11. What Would You say is The coolest 3D monster truck body You've seen?