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  1. Was looking around and nobody seems to have them. Just a quick note. PK has blue AND white headlights, a flag, and Goodyears on all four corners. KT is the same for tires, has the set of flashing lights on either side, a flag on the back, and a functional train horn. Hoping someone is up to the challenge. Thanks guys
  2. Lets be real for just a second. I have zero 3D skills whatsoever but these are some really amazing trucks. Just saw them last weekend and thought it would be great to see them around the Beam Monsters website. Added details on the Krazy Train are things like a flag, the flashing ditch lights on the front, and a working train horn. The Plane Krazy has just a flag and working headlights and this year, is a Chevy C-10. I know its a big ask but if anyone can, please respond or just DM me. Thanks!
  3. can we get the real track layout too and maybe the one for 2022 as well? been looking all over for those and i can only find 2020 and 2021. this would be a big help and perfect fit for what me and my friends are looking to reenact. thank you and happy new year!!!
  4. Could i suggest maybe adding the Miss Overbored skin to the line up of trucks? It would really help a lot with more realistic recreational shows!! Thank You!!
    Thank You So Much for realeasing this back out to us!!! I’ve been looking all over for the Plane Krazy and lookie here!!!
  5. Krazy Train is most likely the best current competing truck on the circuit and maybe even the best monster truck of all time!
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