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  1. 730 downloads

    Alright this time around I am taking over the Miami Oklahoma tracks as well as @Smoovez We worked together to make this track more accurate than the old version super happy with how it came out and can't think smooves enough. Link 1: Friday (Show 1) Link 2: Saturday (Show 2) Important Links:
  2. 588 downloads

    Grand flippin forks enjoy! REQUIRED MODS: https://www.beamng.com/resources/dansworth-d2500-type-d-rear-engine-bus.1737/ https://www.beamng.com/resources/gavril-cb40.13605/
  3. 864 downloads

    Hello once again this track features an interesting take on a minor league baseball field, some turns are tricky and not a lot of room, make use of the whole floor and enjoy! If you find any problems dm me on discord: .uneasy Required Links:
  4. 592 downloads

    Well here's my first track of 2024, I haven't been able to quite learn the decal system quite yet but this is my first time really attempting it. Hope you enjoy, no FPS cars are needed as it's all FPS and base beam things. Enjoy made this track for @Ethan Saunders If im missing any credits let me know.
  5. 646 downloads

    This event held for the tour XMTC features a replica event with a added bus stack for the event feel free to delete if you want replica. But again this map features some really fun racing and a great freestyle area! Again map isn't perfect but honestly still very fun. If any problems are found let me know thank you! discord: Unēasy#2454 Links Needed:
  6. 748 downloads

    Well here's is my next project this was fun huge thanks to @Cookie Monster for helping with the venue and everything. Hope you have fun with this track all the important stuff is down below so make sure you download all those things. Thanks to all the diamond members for some of the screenshots. Again and enjoy if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me on discord: Unēasy#2454 IMPORTANT INFO: LINK 1: Google Drive LINK 2: MediaFire IMPORTANT LINKS:
  7. Won't be in my pack, will be in Ethan Saunders pack.
  8. Version 2.1


    This is it, again thanks to everyone who helped with this project all along the way, Huge thanks to Tim Jones and all of the Tailgator family for the Wrap and making this truck look fantastic. The pack features 11 trucks currently, with possibly more to come. If there are any questions or problems you find within the pack please let me know. You can contact me through my discord down below, this pack has been needing to come out for a long time, and I appreciate everyone who helped beta test it and more. If any credits are missing please let me know on discord thank you. (IDK WHO MADE TERMINAL PAINT PLS DM ME FOR CREDIT) Discord: Unēasy#2454 Trucks Inside Of Pack: - Bad Decision - Bounty Hunter (Minton) - Buckshot 2022 (Preset only/no skin changes) - Get Er Done Original (Independent) - Miss Get Er Done Original (FELD) - Illuminator (Snyder) - Jekyll&Hyde (2021) - Map Motorsports Custom - TailGator (Early 2022/Late 2022/TailGator Salt Water/2023) - Toxic 2022 - Cat Conqueror - Eradicator 2000's - Terminal Velocity - Uproar - Twisted Addiction - TailGator 2022 - TailGator Soaring Eagle 2023 - TailGator New Orleans 2023 - TailGator Arlington 2023 - TailGator 2024 - TailGator Albino 2024 Debut - TailGator Albino 2024 Important Links: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (MUST DOWNLOAD ADDON PACK) Legal Action may be taken. Tailgator wrap is to not be used in any other game without my permission or Tim Jones.
  9. Version 1


    Well here it is I present Chippewa Falls 2018! This map was originally done by @Hawk005 so huge props to him for letting me redo it! I enjoyed recreating this track and overall had great fun with it. There's really not much more to say other than Enjoy! Important Info! Link 1: Non-FPS VErsion (15 Beam Cars) Link 2: FPS Version NEEDED MODS! https://www.beamng.com/attachments/fordcrownvictoria-zip.953181/
  10. 1,230 downloads

    Well here it is, Lucas Oil Speedway 2022, This event was one of the biggest event's of the year. Enjoyed every moment of it. Hope you all enjoy this track as it was fun to make, thanks to @Kahron J.for updating the banking and making it really good. Hope you enjoy the track, and please let me know if you encounter any errors. For those wandering if that Tailgator is coming out, well 12/20/2022. If you need any help please feel free to contact me on discord: Unēasy#2454 Important Links: Link 1: Mediafire Link 2: Google Drive
  11. 857 downloads

    Fun map I made, this is track 1 out of 5 so please enjoy. Links: Link 1: Mediafire Link 2: Google Drive Important Links:
  12. 1,160 downloads

    Yeah Lamar Stomping Grounds, this track was very fun to make with a unique course and overall fun freestyle course! Please enjoy the map and feel free to message me on discord! Discord: Unēasy#2454 Racing Styles: Image four is monster truck racing. Image five is tough truck racing. Important Links:
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