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    fun track, nice change of pace from chicago style, mud makes the redneck in me very happy lol
    a really nice track and return for sandy tracks, gj my guy
  1. sneak peek at a big project i'm workin on, should be finished by i wanna say august
  2. dude, i hope you're joking on that
    5/5 would do skills speedrun faster than bj johnson
    great track irl and just as good in beam, great job from everyone involved in making this track happen
    pretty pp poggy pack, 420/69
    classic ror track that works surprisingly well in beam, a lot of room to save it and overall just a rly good track 😄
  3. Version 1.0.0


    After months of beamng being flawless, i present what may be my best map yet, very happy with how this turned out, such a classic show and im happy to have made it thx to @MEE6 and @CLNGames for helping along the way, really appreciate it. if any credits are not givin plz dm me on discord Jax #8935 and i'll fix it
  4. after a long few months and multiple redos from beam being flawless, its finally done
  5. ladies and gentlemen, its freestyle time
  6. got the decals put on, last thing to do is change the green mj logos, really happy with it, thanks to @MEE6 for hookin me up with the flames
    5/5 dababy backflips
  7. almost finished, after beamng updates screwed it 3 times, i just need to change the green mj logos and few other things and should be out by im rooting for friday but if not then soon