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  1. been a while, but here's the next track for fs mania, still very wip but trust me, its gonna be a big one
    a really fun map and a nice replica, seems scaled fine so idk why people are complaining, it was really big irl, great job cln
  2. might wanna try and up the quality as it looks kinda pixelated but thats just me
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Hey everyone its been a bit but i've been workin on some things, i promise the fs mania pack is coming but until then enjoy this lil arena file 1-racing file2-fs **if i missed any credits feel free to message me on discord jax#8935 and i'll fix asap**
    ima be 100% honest, aesthetically lookin its really nice but your truck looks like an rc truck in comparison to size of the pods, its fine but might wanna tone down a notch or 2 when scaling for future maps
    quite possibly one of the best shows i ever attended, glad to have it in beam c:
  4. after a small break heres track 2 for my freestyle mania series, all mesh cars so you don't need to worry about getting sucked into the void, think i'll do 2 or 3 more tracks and release in a big pack
    ima be 100% honest, the miniflip is almost unusable, tried 3 different approaches in hitting it and is either just a wall and kills ya, or just a sky wheelie ramp, overall the rest is alright
  5. small update on the track, believe i've done everything I can on my end, can't wait to see this thing finished 😄
  6. i said i had some big stuff planned, well this is one of them, still very wip but it's gonna be a collaboration between me and @MEE6 for wf8, can't wait to see it finished 😄
    fun track, nice change of pace from chicago style, mud makes the redneck in me very happy lol
    a really nice track and return for sandy tracks, gj my guy
  7. sneak peek at a big project i'm workin on, should be finished by i wanna say august
  8. dude, i hope you're joking on that