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    i dont understand. i dont want to understand. i love it.
  1. jedi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! welcome back
    absolutely wonderful. alpha shows absolutely astounding progress, im excited for the full release in the most likely not near future haha, good luck dev team!
    jesse, jesse we need to go watch monster jam
    another top tier mee6 map, as always you can tell tons of work went into this, well done the work doesn't go unappreciated!
    this map.... this map does put a smile on my face. this map is up there with some tracks made by long time track makers, 10/10.
  2. tried to download, says the files missing.
    words cannot describe how good this map is. why you add in all the extra detail and background still confuses me but it adds so much, well done lad. id give it 6 stars if i could
  3. will this pack be updated?
  4. hey, great fan of this map still use it to this day and is probably one of my favorite maps on the website, do you think this'll ever be updated with the newest crush pack cars? id hate to see this map forgotten by time
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