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  1. reminder: tomorrow is the final day to enter into this event!
  2. It's here! It's Back! It's time for Official gameboy3800 Community Event #8! Here's a tl;dr version of the rules, as this is long boi post. If i missed anything, please dont hesitate to ask questions! Community Event 8: Rules 1. Must use public truck (anything on this site) 2. Track is 4 Wheel Throwdown (track MUST keep its turning poles up for Time Trials, they can be removed for TWS and Freestyle.) 3. TWS has turned into more of a general stunt show; you can of course still do TWS stuff, but you can also do stuff like donuts or best trick, it's up to you! 4. The rul
  3. Version 2.0


    it was a long and boring night, and so I put the CRD's Merlin engine into some of the base game cars just to see what would happen. bigg vrums happened. comes with some presets. enjoy! 2.01 hotfix: fixed grand martial engine nodes location.
  4. heres a thing here just in case.
  5. Version 4.01


    4.011 hotfix: fixed duplicate seat meshes, added better support to redlines ride chassis (can now use other motors on ride chassis). 4.01 hotfix: fixed a fuel line problem. TL;DR version for those just interested in main updates: Overall advice: UPDATE ALL MY PACKS AND OTHER RECOMMENDED PACKS ALL AT ONCE! DO NOT JUST UPDATE ONE AND NOT THE OTHERS, YOU’RE BOUND TO BREAK SOMETHING! ALSO CLEAR CACHE! New stuff: Added Barstow 489CI V8 motor with the special ability to change out the chassis for one made by Redline, that being a Ridetruck Chassis! He
  6. Hello. Do you know what the computer needs to be used for?
  7. Version 4.0


    Everyone take note: i am going to be splitting up adjustable addons once again; its getting too large or too off topic. main part will still be called adjustable addons containing all the normal intakes, serious motors or other misc parts. first new part will be just loading screens. it was the largest contributor to large filesizes, and not everyone likes my taste of getting randomly rickrolled in a loading screen so i'll let it be an optional download. revamped crd loading screens making a comeback. second new part will be for automation engines; they were a good i
  8. Version 4.0


    TL;DR version for those just interested in the new things this update: Overall advice: UPDATE ALL MY PACKS AND OTHER RECOMMENDED PACKS ALL AT ONCE! DO NOT JUST UPDATE ONE AND NOT THE OTHERS, YOU’RE BOUND TO BREAK SOMETHING! ALSO CLEAR CACHE! Newish parts: The Semi and Bus Diesel engines and their accompanying accessories have been moved to this pack, since they’re basically memes now. Revamps: filesize should be lower thanks to using 7Zip to pack the mod. Fixes: Adding a 2nd fuel tank to a Front Engine setup should now actually give you double th
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Hey guys gameboy3800 here once again, and today I’ve decided to bring back some nostalgia! These are the sound files ripped right out of the old CRD 1.15 mod, and I’ve brought them back as an optional addon to give more sound options! While this pack does bring back the old sounds, you should know its limits: If you install this pack, it will be the only sounds you hear for the CRD, regardless of how you’ve tuned your trucks or what engine you use. You should also NEVER have both this zip and the Sounds Mod found in the Essentials tab installed at the same time, as that could lead to an e
  10. go vote on the poll for which day you'd like the community event stream to be on!
  11. hidden from view upon request from the author. it should return with the next update.
  12. Submissions are closed! looks like we'll have about 18 total participants this go around! not bad considering this is a brand new platform.