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gameboy3800's CRD Addon Packs, Engines, Loading Screens & More! 9.0

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2/14/2024 9.03 hotfix: Adjustable Addons; added inboard rear swaybar slot compatibility to crd3. Front Engines; added front Merlin and Ford engines compatibility to the CRD3.0 Muscle Chassis found in Specialized addons.


1/30/2024 9.02 hotfix: uploading what I have for Adjustable Addons and Specialized Addons in preparation for my next Community Event! includes: Poverty 400ci Gavril V8, hp limiter on PEI, League engines on PEI and some small hotfix stuff. Update 9.1 will have the motors texture problems resolved once and for all hopefully. stage one of this is already in place utilizing a common internal folder for some models but its evidently not enough as there's still quite a few cheese engine issues. as stated i should hopefully have all that fixed by the next major update.




1/26/2024 9.011 hotfix: Automation Engines Pack now has Automation Sounds selectable on both Willman and PEI!


12/12/2023 9.01 Hotfix: Fixed duplicate files in Front Engines Pack (redownload Front Engines Pack to fix).


Hey guys gameboy3800 here once again! This here is the page where you can find all my non-cursed mods for the BeamNG Monster Truck Community! Previously each zip was its own page, and could be a little hard to find. Now though all the main attractions are right here in Developer Addons! I do not want this page to be actually 6 books long, so I’ve included the credits, part documentation and other notes in the Version History at the bottom of this page! Check it out to get the full details of changes and new features!


Before continuing, please make sure that you've got all the mods seen on the Developer Addons page to make sure everything will be fully functional. As well, when updating mods you should always clear your cache to avoid texture or mod problems!



Please Check the Version Changelog to see all the newest features and changes!







You can find Specialized Addons here, my next largest pack aside from Adjustable Addons!


You can find Meme Pack here, as there's a lot of Set Bonuses from there: 


That’s it for now, get out there and break something!

What's New in Version 9.0


Across all my packs: higher file compression ratio, utilize the low filesize and fast loading of the Cached.DTS File format for better loading, more stable Multiplayer performance and faster downloading of all the pack zips on servers!


New parts or fixes for specific packs:


Adjustable Addons:

- New Axle option on CRD: updates ZFs! They're a little WIP-y but good enough to release I feel.

- CRD3.0 Customizable chassis' can now equip Creten bodies!

- Tons of League Engines in all of the main chassis packs like CRD, Willman, CRC and IHCP that are all balanced to each other with their own characteristics and minimal tuning to ensure equal truck performance for all!

- Diesel engines in CRC!

- CRC Coilovers!

- Custom CRC Rear Exhausts on Diesel Engines!

- Added HP Tuner adjustments (found in Back-Up Beeper slot at the top of the parts menu of all main chassis') allowing you to apply an engine power Debuff to simulate engine damage or to apply a penalty in MP. can also be used to detune some of the more powerful engine mods out there to try other tunes that would otherwise be too powerful for a league (eg: having a very revvy Merlin tune normally at 2000hp, set a 75% engine power to drop it down to 1500hp while still keeping the same driving style you like!)

- Ford 572 revamp with new Race Procharger intake option!

- Ford 572 selectable as a League Engine in CRD!

- Chevy 632 (NA Only) selectable as a League Engine in CRD!

- Duramax selectable as a League Engine in CRC!

- Fixed 500ci Gavril Diesel engine textures!

- Fixed CRC Suspension on CRD's Tires being undersized.

- Fixed CRC Suspension on CRD's chrome parts.

- Added some missing info files of old presets.

- Reduced Filesize comparatively.


Front Engines:

- Fixed funny wobbly driveshafts on all Front Engine setups!

- More League Engines to all Front Engine chassis', not just the CRD3.0 League Specific one!

- Added Front 555ci Hemi to Specialized Addons' new CRD3.0 Muscle Chassis as a front engine option!

- Added Merlin 540 to new Willman update chassis'!

- To Do: still need to fix my old customized Willman chassis made to fix the Chevy truck bodies. May still somewhat work but its mostly untested.

- (i forget if this was a previous update) Moved Ford 632ci to Specialized Addons.

- Reduced Filesize comparatively.


Re-Scale Mod:

- Reduced Filesize comparatively.


Automation Engines:

- Reduced Filesize comparatively.

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Amazing gameboy stuff as seen in the videos 

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rip scott hartsock 1962-2021

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Lots of cool stuff but bunch of missing textures on motors. Yes, I already did what the instructions said to do.


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Lots of cool stuff but bunch of missing textures on motors. Yes, I already did what the instructions said to do.


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Great mod, Unique customization options, But why did you make the Re-Scale chassis slower? It used to be able to reach insane speeds of over 100. But now it can only go to 97 max.

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Great mod I really enjoy the engines that are available.

But one slight question, will the 572 chevy big-block and 632 chevy dart motors be added to the CRD custom chassis (Grave Diggers Main chassis)? And the other question is where can I find the Dragons Breath skin?

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