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    What ive been waiting for, amazing truck i mean you can switch the chassis to willman and it will be good like that so yea amazing truck
    Hey its thhat show i went to great map btw
  1. digger0306


    Version 1.0.0


    Its a custom truck that me and my freind foxy had made like 4 or 5 months ago, this is a truck from 2020 that is inspired by my roblox custom truck
    I i love this one now i can do a indy tour with more maps i cant wait for more to come!
    Yo ive been waiting for a while and i think i found a great person to ask this. Can you help me make a track my discord is digger0306#8422
    hey i was just wondering how to make monster trucks if you have discord can you teach me my discord is digger0306#8422
    teach me to make these my discord is digger0306#8422
  2. Hey so uhh i need help to make a map is someone down to help me (add my account on discord digger0306#8422)
  3. This is for people who need help making maps
  4. Im making a nice custom but i need a template of the truck skin so i can put it on also a helper