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  1. Can we not start everyone asking for every chassis under the sun tho kthx
  2. 12 Time would be for the 2020 version only. Years prior ran 11.
  3. I've been slacking with posting on here, but I can assure you there's be no slacking on content! Here's a peek into some of the bigger things coming this update: Fist and foremost we have Jurassic Attack 95% done with the only remaining pieces being jbeam adjustments. Body from Andrew Sheets and Zach Steele, edited by RORMadness, Nathan Hils, and Bobcat; Paint from ChazzyMP. Not shown in the picture is the new rim type from Nathan Hils primarily included for Jurassic, the AOP Rims. Also from Nathan are the new Harper Tires, with textures done by jedipresence. Our newest addition to the development team, Zack PRD, has made a fresh Bad Company on the 2015 Silverado which includes the CRD variant from earlier this years as well as the recent variant with the Scott Hartsock remembrance tailgate. I also put the tailgate on Fast Metal as a 2021 variant. Lastly for this post, 2.5 will see 2021 variants of Soldier Fortune and Soldier Fortune Black Ops on the CRD 3.0 chassis. Work is still continuing on this update, there's some more odds and ends that have to get finished up. I wanted it to be out sooner than this, but I'd rather put out a quality product with no issues than a rushed product with multiple small issues that would've been a simple fix. I do not have a projected release date yet.
    MID AMERICA OUTDOORS!!! Great job buddy
  4. Well half of those we don't have models for. Megalodon will be released in the next update. Be patient as we continuously work on adding to the mod!
  5. Maybe someone can make it for a 3rd Party pack, it is not a CRD and we try to keep everything in this file in particular CRD-accurate.
  6. Some day when I'm not bouncing off the walls with other work I'll revamp it. Been on the backburner for awhile just never actually got to it.
  7. FPS v3 was never supposed to be put back on the site and it will not be available for download. It is old, broken, and hate to say it but old tracks will be S.O.L. until the author fixes it. Asking about it ain't gonna change anything. Just take it as it is and move on and enjoy the newer content.......
  8. Wild Side is in the main mod.
  9. This is something I've always wanted to see in the mod but never got around to. Unfortunately game limitations wouldn't allow me to properly implement independent tire choice; but you can now choose different rims per corner and even put backwards tires on your truck!
  10. Hope everyone has a happy and save 4th!
  11. It's been a hot minute since there's been an official post about the mod, so here's the progress made during the month of June. First on deck is a project we've all wanted since the beginning. I had an idea and went with it and now the BeamNG Monster Truck experience has evolved. I am pleased to show you the new deformable/breakable Halo! Support Bars are also deformable, just not shown. And yes, if you're skilled enough to get it stuck the Halo is strong enough to support the truck so you to be like Krysten Anderson and her indestructible Halo. Next up is a new bed for the 2008 Silverado body by @Bobcat, "Dove Tail" based on the currently running Black Pearl. One of the most anticipated bodies is now coming in 2.5! Please welcome the Megalodon body to the CRD mod, modeled by Andrew Sheets and jbeamed by @Mjamfan22. This is the most versatile body available at the moment being able to be selected on CRD, CRD 3.0, and CRD Creten. Skins are primarily by @jedipresence, I helped with The Meg and Overcast skins. Available on CRD: Available on CRD 3.0: Available on CRD Creten: There will also be RKMT variants available in the next Bev Pack update: Ever since the early days I've always felt as if the 4-Link strength was an issue never properly taken care of. Not sure how "proper" my adjustments were, but I feel as if it is now more accurate to real-life destruction. Land soft on a corner at the right angle and you'll break one. Now, land hard from a super-send on a corner at the right angle, you now have the ability to rip the axle out from underneath your truck! Upper 4-Links can now break much easier, as they were nearly indestructible before even from massive free-fall drops in unrealistic testing. Another addition to the Bev Pack is the recently revealed Alien Invasion Gears There are also more features shown in all of these pictures that you would not be able to see with the naked eye. The rear steering code was redone to utilize LUA code. This doesn't change the functionality, but now rear steering will show up in multiplayer! There are also two new toggle functions: defaulted to 'B' is switching between Linked and Independent Rear Steer; and defaulted to 'Y' is switching between self-centered rear steer and manually adjusted rear steer. What that means is you control where the rear steer goes when you push the buttons, and you can lock it to the left or right and not have to have your finger on the button. Huge thanks to Olrosse for doing this for us! And as always huge thanks to @jedipresencefor trusting in me to continue developing and improving his mod!
  12. Those are absolutely clean brother, well done!