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  1. PEI and CRD are nowhere near the same thing. If someone decided to do it for a 3rd party skin pack then yes it is possible, but it is not a priority for the main development team.
  2. Under the "Store" tab at the top there is a section for donations towards website payments, a merch store, and options for subscriptions. Thanks for your support, glad you're liking the mod!
  3. Bev Pack v6 Content Release: 4/1/21 Bodies: 1. 2000 "Chevscalade" 2. 2000 Ford F-150 3. 2007 Custom Panther 4. 2005 Chevy Silverad
  4. Bev Pack v7 starting out with some new skins for the new bodies, bringing the Spin Master Inverse series to BeamNG working with some guy named @jedipresence As well as an updated texture for the Brodozer Mud Truck
  5. Mike Bev

    Bev Pack

    As stated in the patch notes, Prowler will be coming in a later update.
  6. I started revamping Mud Madness I a little while ago, but have been occupied with other projects. I will be working on more track revamps here soon, but for now I ask that you please be patient. I also do not support distribution of my old files. If any of you have anything of mine from the old Forums, please respect this! I will be putting out a better version of everything at some point in time.
  7. Just a reminder to everyone that this thread is for showing your projects, not discussing what can and can't be made. If you don't have a project to show, don't post here. There's plenty of other places on the site and in the Discord for that. And there's no need to reply to this to show that you've acknowledged. Just comply. 🙂
  8. Look what's finally coming back 🙂
  9. I edited the description to make it in-date and it bumped it to the top for some reason...
  10. Then you clearly installed your mod wrong, because it has been released in the Main Mod for 3 months to the day...
  11. Cracking down on getting Bev Pack ready for release, here's the last leg of what I remember being new: Soldier Fortune (Gears) Crash Recruit SUV (Green) Gary Schott's Enforcer A revamped version of a years-old project, @MrHumanTarget's Freakshow And lastly, another new body! 2005 Chevy Silverado by Andrew Sheets, comes with Fiesta, Thor, Carolina Crusher, Rap Attack, and the WTF Mega Truck (last 4 were moved over from the 03).
  12. Version 1.0.0


    REVAMP! I've been working on revamping this track for awhile, tended to be a forgotten project I threw a few minutes at in between bigger ones. Finally bit the bullet and got it completely done! This is @AaronLurie's Coalition Field, now with a backdrop of trees, new dirt, lines, and dirt deterioration. This is one of my favorite small tracks and I'm pleased with the result. Thanks to Aaron for letting me fix it up! Files: File 1 - CoalitionField.zip - 10 BNG Vehicles (7 Cars, 1 Van, 2 Barrels) File 2 - FPS_CoalitionField.zip - 8 FPS Vehicles File 3 - MP_CoalitionF
  13. The 2.2 content continues to roll out. This one has been sitting for a little bit compared to the hoods (I had just done them the day I posted them lol). Moving from the Mjam Pack to the main CRD mod is the CRD Creten Chassis with an all new model, jbeam, revised in cab, etc. Body is the same but with a revised jbeam. Skins moved over from Mjam Pack are Bounty Hunter Black (BountyHunterA), Bounty Hunter Blue (BountyHunterB, pictured. Other blue variant will remain in Mjam Pack), Bounty Hunter Black/Orange (BountyHunterC), Bounty Hunter Blue/White (BountyHunterD), and Knucklehead to remain