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  1. It's like riding a bike, you never forget how to do it. Missed this side of the game a bit. Download coming soon.
  2. Don't care, still doing mine the way I envisioned it. Thanks for not getting perms either.
  3. I will still do a version of the true original, as stated many times before I do plan on updating my original tracks. Maybe now I can with all my free time...
  4. Post is a long time coming. Lots of information. About a year ago I helped implement the CRD "Skinny" chassis as one of my first projects in true development. Today I present a completely revamped "Skinny". Lots of selectable features here, a few failed plans but they may resurface at a later date. The "doors" of the cab have selectable cross members for you to choose from. Disclaimer, the top of the cab does not come off, these were taken before it was coded. Selectable options for the rear of the chassis, bit of minute detail. From here, there's now two different selectable fuel cell guards, traditional and "box" This is the "Custom" cab variant, and some of its selectable items. This is the "Standard" cab, and some of its selectable items. Moving on, a new variant of the custom truck Martyr by @jedipresence Megalodon 2022 with the help from @Redline The 2008 Ford Superduty gets transferred out of Mjam Pack and into the Main Mod with its Blue Thunder skin. In addition, a 2014 (Marc McDonald, Australia), 2015 (Dalton Millican, Hampton, VA), and 2022 (LeDuc) presets have been included. The Dogs get some more love this update with Pauken's 2022 CRD3 preset and Gauthier's 2022 CRD3 preset. Thanks to Gio Designs, Hooligan, Hulk, and Tasmanian Devil will be joining the main mod fleet of trucks. The 2005 Custom Taz body has been transferred from Mjam Pack to main mod. Note: Tasmanian Devil is still being adjusted, version shown is not final. And thank you to f_uzion for use of the Bauhaus Trucks. Pictured left to right: Display, 2015, 2014, 2016. Thanks to Bobcat as well for allowing the transfer of the Magnaflow "Shoebox" Headers to main mod. In addition, the steering has been adjusted to have a tighter radius, as well as other minor QoL fixes along the way.
  5. It's been done a few times outside of Monster Jam, the scope here is the entire industry.
  6. Mike Bev

    Bev Pack

    Make sure you deleted CRD_Bev
  7. CRD Custom, World Finals 15 CRD Skinny Chassis Extension, Cradle Plate (Lexan)
  8. Skins jedi (mostly), Zack, Mike Arndt Modeling docholiday, Bobcat, Terron, Rambo Gibbs, Zach Steele, Hank Very special showing of gratitute towards @jedipresence, @Mjamfan22, @Sonar118, @Abroopt, and @MrHumanTarget. Bodies FELD In-House Shocks Skins/Presets Content Corrections
  9. How about another body? This one will be out with the next update (2.6) 100%. After years of tinkering with, Nathan Smith's EarthShaker body makes it to the game with the help of our master modeler Bobcat. Skin done by ZackPRD.
  10. After being started, getting shelved, getting passed around, getting shown off, sitting some more, this project is now coming to a close. The 3D Monster Mutt body done by Terron will be coming to the CRD pack in the future! It is not currently slated for the 2.6 update, it's still got some attributes I'd like to touch up on and investigate but overall it is in a much more proper and usable state.
  11. You must still have a version of the mod somewhere. Make sure there's no multiplayer folder or anything in there that could potentially be related to the outdated version of the mod.
  12. Lower your graphics settings in game
    This be the good stuff right here.
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