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  1. look at you finding the one container that doesn't have collision. thanks for bringing it to my attention. a fix will be rolled out for it
  2. if it bothers you that much you're more than welcome to delete them since they weren't there the entire show.
  3. Version 1.0.1


    World Finals 9 is finally here!! after alot of time and tedious work it is finally done. it is made with non crush cars so its beam MP compatible. Big thanks to everyone involved to help make this project happen with the detail it has. Everyone who submitted a signature for the trailer, have fun looking for your name. Anyway, download it and enjoy!! Credits Klayton Halog, Aaron Lurie, Chris B- StadiumChris B - Most of Track MeshMaxdman - Bulldozer Models, Various Props, Announcer StandsMjamfan22 - Beamified It Doc Holiday- Roulette table Doc Holiday- birthday cake Mj
  4. its been an issue for a couple beam updates now. you can go to the vehicle menu and hit "remove others" at the top then go to the main menu. that usually works
  5. or you can put the zip in the mods folder. most install mods this way
  6. that happens because of the latest beam update and new collision mechanics. the author of the map will have to fix it and re-release it
  7. if you're talking about the crd sound mod, only thing that needs to be done is place that zip in the mods folder. no need to place it in the crd zip folder
  8. are you placing the zipped props folder in the shapes folder?
  9. all you need to do is place the zip in your mods folder.
  10. you put the mod zips in the beamng folder under documents. Not the core files where you're at. it should be documents/beamng/mods where you'll put all mods for the game
  11. 1. Open props zip then open props or maxdman folder and select which prop(s) you want to use. You could place the two folders in your map but odds are you wouldn't use everything in them. 2. Open map ZIP then go into levels/mapname/art/shapes and place the item folders you want to use here. 3. open world editor and place items where you see fiot in your map.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This is a prop pack I put together of various items to add a little more detail to what your working on. some of it comes from bristol that @Abroopt provided for the community. I also put together a folder of props from maxdman. This is more for track makers but can be used for whatever else your little heart desires. - Open zip and place whatever item folder you want to use in your shapes folder Credits - Maxdman @sim-monster for his prop items - Abroopt @beam-monsters for bristol prop items
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Houston 2014 is here! All new NRG stadium model that I've been working on for a long time but am proud to say is finally done. this comes with two version, Regular which will require a fairly strong pc to run and an MP version that a regular computer should be able to run. You will need mjamfans crush car pack for the regular version. Anyway, download and enjoy!!! File 1- Regular Racing File 2- Regular Freestyle File 3- MP Racing File 4- MP Freestyle Credits crush car pack- mjamfan22 Stadium: Converted and Edited for BeamNG
  14. Version 1.0.1


    This is New Orleans 2018 MP Version. It comes with the new Superdome model made by edy @sim-monsters. Feel free to use the stadium to make tracks on. Credits - edy @sim-monsters for stadium model