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    Lets goo amazing map, now i can finally recreate the show i missed from my state!
    haven't even played it and it looks Fu*%&#$ amazing
  1. i fixed it it was a me issue
  2. this is the only map that says beam GPU crashes
  3. Lookin sick my dumb seals thought we were getting 2019 aka skinny bounty hunter
  4. will we get the racer backs for the body wrench head runs
    another amazing wf in beam remastered great job if it was possible i would create a freestyle2 with el toro stuck in the flip ramp
  5. Version 1.0.0


    I wanted to make a replica of Airborne Ranger but I decided to make a custom hope you enjoy 🙂
  6. if that dosent work message me and i will try to give a more detailed solution
  7. If you download the map and create a levels folder on your desktop then open the zip you just downloaded grab the map folder and put it in the levels folder you just made then rezip the file and name it the name of the file you downloaded
  8. not the black one the chrome one is i was looking for the black one, never mind thanks 🙂 this is a hidden body because it dosent show up as a config you have to find it
  9. Skin: gravedigger 20th anniversary Chassis: tube Dennis' truck was redesigned to feature large tombstones across the side of the truck, emblazoned with previous incarnations of Grave Digger, including Grave Digger 1 as the Red Primer truck, the Blue Grain truck, "Grandma", as well as Grave Digger 12. A fifth tombstone read "20 Years". The logo was redesigned as well to feature the Grave Digger 20th Anniversary logo, making it one of the few Grave Diggers to not feature the "Ghost Mountain" on the side of the truck. Source: