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    “bOoO No jCb DiGaTrOn!! 0/10” Everything about this pack is amazing. From the TailGator trucks to Terminal Velocity finally coming to BeamNG this is one of the best packs to download for the CRD mod.
  1. There’s already some Mohawk Warriors in the main CRD mod and Steve’s Ride Pack
    Salinas be lookin at night. but what is ODM?
  2. Son-Uva Digger doesn’t run a CRC chassis. not to mention it would look cursed so yeah, probably not happening unless it comes out in a meme pack or something
    Broken link. I miss this map
    it’s in the trucks section lol. good track though
  3. Why is the link in Google Drive now? It used to be a direct link. and it takes me to that page where I “must contact domain administrator” I hate google drive. I suggest using MediaFire instead.
  4. Is this version of Grave Digger Surf in this pack a custom? It has things not on the toy.
    Amazing pack, I didn’t expect the older Hot Wheels trucks like Eliminator, Ninja Blade and Cadiac Arrest to be included. But what’s interesting is i see Wildfire, Raven, Freebird and Undertaker in the skin files. Possible 1.1 update leaks? For a while, Google Drive kept telling me too many people downloaded the file and that I needed to contact the domain administrator. But still, Time Flys, Turtles and HWMJ trucks are top notch.
  5. I can’t download it. It keeps telling me that “ too many people have already downloaded the file and that I need to “contact the domain administrator” Google Drive sucks.
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