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  1. Alright its been a hot minute since I was here, but I got a little more into Beam with the crc release so I got some new skins cooking for the West Coast Pack. First is one I've seen requested more than many times since I released the pack, after way too many attempts I think I'm confident to make this skin and make it right. Modern McGruff is on its way! I might also do the other identities Rod Wood had ran on his chassis, those being El Pero Loco and American made, but they might be too complex of wraps to do. Next how about a finished skin? I am unsure if I've posted this yet but I present V8 Bomber Turner! This was for the HWMTL Ultimate Drive Thru in California, displayed on Sniper, speaking on Sniper. How about yet another revamp for Sniper? Sniper now has two presets, a debut preset with full ghillie and perfect body, as well as a 2021 version with the bumper removed, as well as tape and scratches along with a cut down ghillie. I have plenty more skins on the way! I plan to release the update for this pack after 2.5 releases so the new way things are formatted dont screw the pack up. This pack will also be formatted in the new single material file so it should be smaller in terms of file size. Skins planned: Monster Moose, Rockwell R.E.D. El Paso 2021, Scattered (?)
    Fun track to drive on, thats about all. The burms are done very well and handle nice to race around The stadium feels too small Track feels too big Stepups are too large and give the truck no air Feels rushed
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Well theres an ROR section here now, might as well put up my most popular track on Sim-Monsters. Enjoy it! Credits: Track: RORMadness Stadium: Rockcrwlr and Chris B on Sim-Monsters. Textures: RORMadness, ChazzyMP, Rockcrwlr, and maxdman on Sim-monsters.
  3. Rim spec got screwed up but yeah I got another skin pack started.
    Great skins, love the concepts Ardnt does.
  4. There is a hotfix going up later today that fixes some material issues, though I would recommend regening your cache
  5. Version 2.2.1


    Well as I teased a while ago on the site and showing my progress on the Discord here is the West Coast Indie Pack! This pack consists of Independent Monster Trucks from the West. Multiple teams are represented, this pack consists of: Skins I made: Enforcer, Play'N For Keeps Green, Double Trouble, Covid Crusher, Maverik Monster Trakker, Wrecking Machine, Kamikaze Black, Rockwell R.E.D, Sniper, Stealth, and Master Chef Jr. A few throwback paints too that I made: The Patriot 2006, The Patriot 2010, Tropical Thunder 2006, Tropical Thunder 2013, Obsessed 2010, Obsession 2010, Rockstar Motoya, Osiris. As well there are two paints made by @Vincent, I want to thank him for allowing me to use these skins in this pack! Wicked Strong and Mcgruff 2007. I also want to credit @AceSpence95 for making the original paint for Kamikaze, all I did is make it black to make it look like the 2020 design. REQUIRED TO WORK:
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Well its about time I uploaded this, as usual just unzip it and put it in your shapes folder. Only reason I am uploading this is because we need West Coast Indie Shows. This model is very iffy, so some things to note before downloading and using. I dont know how to make things transparent so the crowd and fences have a black background, if anyone wants to fix this go ahead. The interior of the arena should be placed on the ground and not the pit area, as beam is dumb and sometimes can cause the ground to disappear if it is below 75. For those about to scream at me for using an ROR model, I made it, you guys can use and modify it however you would like, I would just like original credits for it. For future reference if I make any more stadiums or arenas for ROR you guys have full clearance to port them into Beam, I dont really have interest in making tracks anymore so as long as I am credited for it I allow you guys to do whatever with my stuff.
  7. Almost all of them have have been done and havnt been released yet, just be patient and they will be out soon.
  8. Well Im not gonna request only bodies because thats what everyone wants. Im gonna suggest stuff that could happen in the future that i dont know is possible. Planetary's that break and lock up Optional Wheel Teathers Bendable Four Links Other Engine options other than the Merlin More Rim variants (Racesource, Team Scream, etc) LEDs in the cab that can be turned on and off with the headlights As for body's I got some ideas. Removable Bumper for F150 and F250 Removable Tailgate for all pickups Single and Double Cab Variants for all pickups Option to add lexan windows instead of it being fiberglass, for example An Escalade windows This is a bit more of a drastic idea but to try to add some 3D bodies even if it is for 3 or 4 skins available, such as something like Team Hot Wheels Firestorm, Soldier Fortune or El Toro Loco
  9. Might as well post here for those not on the discord. Started my own pack, most of this skins I have hand made, though some are simple modifications or were previously made and I can use with permission.
  10. Inconsistent ROR and Beam content, planning on uploading more often.