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  1. TimHorn

    My 1st Track

    Version 1.0.0


    Reuploaded My 1st Track with the fixes, you need the FPS Crush Pack to load the Cars
  2. i made a texture & added the Ravens logo on it? i had to do alot of resizing to it & i had to post it at an angle to show right
  3. are you on the Beam-Monsters Discord? they ask questions on there instead. I can help you with some of those questions on discord if you need help
  4. Version 1.0.1


    Here is MTWS Baltimore 2009. The very 1st MTWS Event that happened back on 8-26-2009. Last track i'm making on Royal Farms Arena & i can now do other tracks Credits: Royal Farms Arena by Freddy5404 This track needs the FPS Crush Pack by Mjamfan12
  5. Version 1.0.1


    Here is a remake of the MTWS Baltimore Track i made for MTM2 for an MTWS event back on 10-31-2010. The 10th Anniversary. The track isn't on MTM2 so i had to watch my video to remake it as close as possible. It includes Racing/FS Credits: Royal Farms Arena: Freddy5404 FPS Crush Pack by Mjamfan22 **MUST DOWNLOAD THIS PACK FOR TRACK TO WORK**
  6. hey my father would love to hear that lol
  7. thank you & its an Orioles refference, the Major League Baseball Team ion Baltimore
  8. Thank you, i have a World Finals Track that i made but it won't be on here till atleast March 2021 & i plan on doing a Track on this Blank Anaheim track i got. I could do Foxboro in the future if i get a blank on that. Next 2 tracks i'm making are still in Baltimore though
  9. i forgot to post the link, it requires the FPS crush car pack
  10. Version 1.0.0


    I made this back in August & its finally done! Here is Custom Baltimore 2020 In The Royal Farms Arena! Credits:FPS Crush Pack by Mjamfan22 **MUST DOWNLOAD THIS PACK FOR TRACK TO WORK** Royal Farms Arena is from Freddy5404
  11. The other night i made a track & i used Royal Farms Arena 2015 as a base. I copied & renamed everything i can think off & i don't think i missed anything that was needed to be fixed. But the game loads up the Hybrid from Royal Farms Arena 2015 on my track when i give it to others to test & i nor my buddies have been able to figure out why & everything that we know of isn't working. Why is it doing this? Here are pictures of what its supposed to look like & what its being like for others to test