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  1. This pack just gets better and better...
  2. oh I thought wild flower was a ramer chassis as well XD.
  3. This is just my opinion on the creation of these trucks into Beam. Most of these trucks will be "no" as most of the ones listed are on different chassis. All I ask is that devs don't bash me: 1. We would need a completely new chassis with a completely new body 2. Most likely not possible 3. In the original private CRD mod, zombie was a truck you could drive, but judging on how trucks are made now, I'm going to say this might be possible, but it may not be. 4. It depends on what body you are referring to, the 1950 mercury street rod body, or the custom body? Either way they would most likely not come to fruition for a long time. 5. I don't know what chassis Whiplash runs, but still this is most likely not going to be made for awhile. 6. In the early 1.12-1.14 versions of the crd mod, enjoyinorc (if thats how his name is spelled) made a body pack mod that had a 1941 willys body for the truck (aka the blacksmith and captains curse bodies). But it is decades old and will most likely break the mod. I say this is a maybe, as . 7. We would need a brand new chassis and body, as the Ramers chassis is very different from the CRD chassis. 8. This also goes with number 7. 9. We would need a completely new chassis and body. 10. Custom body would be needed (i don't know what chassis wicked runs) 11. Ice Cream Man would need a custom body and new chassis.
  4. @greenking29we have a new record 🙂
  5. So recently if you haven't seen, Adam and Ryan Anderson have joined the Beam Monsters Community to setup a computer for playing Beam (Adam is setting it up for his son, while Ryan might be setting it up for himself, or him and his son). This, in my opinion, is a big addition to the BM community, as we all know that the Anderson boys are very talented drivers in Monster Jam. So this leads me to my next question: Could we be getting some more Monster Jam drivers into the community? I know most of you will probably be replying with "Oh they're probably setting it up only for their sons to play." and that might just be the case. However, getting the opportunity to race against two of the biggest faces of Monster Jam would be a sick honor to have, we could also possibly have more mega-trucks in game, which would be pretty sick. Anyway this was just a thought i had, i didn't know where to put this so I just put this under the Monster Truck category : P.
  6. Welcome to the team @Adam Anderson, glad you and Ryan are apart of the community now!
  7. Equalizer is in a pack that is being revised I believe
  8. That may be an internet issue on your side. You may just have to get closer to your internet router
  9. Alot. It seems to have died down a little bit since the release date was announced
  10. @MWV01 1. I'm not apart of the dev team (though it would be cool if I was, not asking for it though) so I don't really know about any updates, you could join the BM Discord server and/or subscribe to their Youtube channel for any updates regarding the mod. I'm pretty sure that there will not be any new flags (unless the dev team is already making this and I'm wrong) for the mod. However the new 2.0 mod will be released tonight at 8:00 PM eastern, (but it's different for everyone because of time zones), so be on the lookout for the mod update. 2. Some people tune whatever truck they're running for certain events (racing consists of different tunings for some people), so you could try that. If we're talking about actually racing, you just have to practice with the throttle and turning. Freestyle is pretty simple: go wild, big air, wow factors, and amazing saves, just don't wreck too early. Yes 2020 has been a crazy year. Also thank you for asking, my day is going fine, how about your's?
  11. Ah ok. Yeah sorry for bringing it up, I just thought about that when beamfan mentioned the EarthShaker body.
  12. I believe someone ported an EarthShaker body from ROR into Beam. I remember seeing a yt vid of the body being showcased, but the creator took the video down, most likely because the Dev team told him to.
  13. Team Hot Wheels Firestorm (2012) requires a custom hood, rooftop, and spoiler on the back that will probably take too long to be made. As for the old Hot Wheels truck (the one that ran until 2007, if you're also talking about that one), that truck ran the Wilmans Chassis (if not, then it mostly ran the Wilmans Chassis), so most likely there are no plans for that truck either. Either way, both trucks are most likely not going to be made.