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  1. Do you guys know when the you're bringing back nor updating CRD Easy Skins to 2.0 by any chance, if not idk then I'll wait in the meantime.... Oh, one other thing with 2.3 out and waiting for the arrival of 2.4, What other projects are in the works for Beam Monsters......!?
  2. Scarlet Spider Spider-Gwen Spider-Man 2099 Spider-Knight Or Ultimate Spider-Woman (Comic Version) would be cool to see in this pack.... Just some ideas Bonus: Superior Spider-Man Man-Spider
  3. That brodozer body look sick in game and would see the finished product when it comes out, anyways keep up the awesome work as always stay chill amigo....✌️
  4. MWV01

    Music Thread

    Rock, Metal, Rap, Anime, `Anything FNAF related for Example songs from FNAF 1 thought 7 series (Including Fan Made song produced by T.L.T) ( The Living Tombstone) and other stuff idk....Also Punk/Pop
  5. Hello again and Salutations to all my peeps out there, Well I'm back this time with another poll of suggestions for you guested it the MX vs. ATV series. Now the list it self is only going to be just two exclusively rare? But locked vehicles including the 1997 Ford F-150....and in the corner the 1953 Chevrolet Advance Design Panel Body Maybe some non monster truck stuff like Dune Buggies as well as MX Bikes, UTV's ATV's ( Golf Carts if you're an fan of golf or for props idk or just wanna mess with friends in comedic relief in Beam MP...why ? ) to be honest seeing golf carts in beam would cool
  6. @MiseriaCantare Idk it was an guess quite frankly at first it look a little bit like bounty hunter body cause front piece was completely folded down when from the looks of it...
  7. Hello Ladies and Gentleman this my first time make an tread in beam monsters and will be the last, So let's get in to the reasons why...shall we. so by the time you read this or when ever it's you have chance to some of these trucks I've Looked at are still in my opinion are impossible to make not to point at a certain someone ( The S.W.A.T monster truck made in 2005 part of the M.J. Toy line ) without any delay here are some of my suggestion in this pack... Name: Prime Evil Body: 04 Primate Body Chassis: Any Paint: Images of color/graphics shown here Oth
  8. @AzlancoolKid Thank you how do I make a tread for beam monsters or do I just go to another tread and put my suggestions there?
  9. Prime Evil Chassis: any Body: 04 Primate Body Colors: Brown, Gray, with Prime evil name on both sides + an outline around the text Images: Prime Evil # 1 with outline around logo Prime Evil # 2 minus the logo Cremator Chassis: Any Body: 04 Cadillac Hearse Colors: Black + light blue flame going across, Orange, yellow gold? Images are down below for reference
  10. Okay so what you need to do is delete that along with the 3rd party stuff install 2.0 and then go from there let me know if it works
  11. Are there any other mods that you have previously downloaded like 1.19 in you're folder
  12. First Go to the download tab Then Click the CRD link Next Put it in mods folder Finally Clear cache and enjoy
  13. You guys need help with something?
  14. Truck: Prime Evil Body: 2005 Primate ( 4 inches ) Chassis: any with red suspension and chrome headers Colors: Brown/Gray with red print and white outline around's the link in detail Truck: Cremator Body: ( 05-04 Hearse ) 1966 Cadillac Landau Hearse Chassis: any Colors: link down here for reference
  15. @DoubbleDStomper as all ready been added in the Tom's custom pack