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  1. CRD Elbow Swaybars

    -Added The CRC SwayBars to CRD with perms from Hank And Rockgod 
    -Credits RockGod For the Model And Hank for having it in game have fun with them 


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  2. CRC EasySkins

    CRC Easy Skins All Pack files Made By Me @KILLERCREW33 And All Mat Files Done by @The King Squid  Hope Y'all make some cool Customs cant wait to see them.
    Will Need To work 


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  3. CRD Easy Skin's

    CRD Easy Skin's
    Hello, and welcome to the wonderful world of skin packing. this pack comes with every file you should need to be able to pack your own custom skin's into Beamng. this pack it currently up to date with the up and coming CRD 1.17 update, and a little beyond. as trucks are updated and added i will do my best to make sure they are all included in this file. if you have never packed a skin before i will supply a link at the bottom of this post with a small tutorial that will get you started (video currently being remade to be clearer and easier to understand). as always if you have any questions or issues pls message me on here or Discord, I AM NOW LESS LIKELY TO RESPOND TO BEAM FORUMS.
    Easy Skin's Version 3 updated and fixes.
    -F150 is missing a .pc (fixed) -2014 SD has a specular image but no code for it (fixed) -2014 SD is missing a .pc (Added PC) -SuperDuty has the specular image of the 2014 SD (fixed) -SuperDuty is missing a .pc (Added PC) -Silverado is missing a .pc (Added PC) -Silverado specular is the same as the Silverado texture (fixed) -Square is missing a .pc (Added PC) -Square specular is the same as the Square texture (fixed) -SUV skin code should have 0.2 as the last value for the diffuseColor instead of 1.0 (fixed) -SUV skin code should have the bracketed value for the diffuseMap set to 0 instead of 1, 1 should only be used if there's transparency in the texture that's supposed to be chrome in game (fixed)  A special thanks to @Mike Bevavava For reviewing and Rewriting the Materials files to the correct values!
    Link to Packing tutorial: 
    OR try this new video: 


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  4. Flag Pack

    This file is for truck making. These are not actual flags, They are just the template with whatever flag its supposed to be. Not alot rn  making more.


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