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Well this has been needed for a long time. There are 21 vehicles and props in this pack and they all have a unique JBeam.

I will be making tutorials on how to use these and how to color them in case you don't know how to.

I want all and any feedback that you guys have. I will be updating this pack in the future. There are some materials I need to tweak. And will be tweaking JBeams as I get feedback.

Known issues with these vehicles:
- While they help with FPS and don't require barriers, they DO still grab tires.
- DO NOT hit them at full speed, the vehicles (especially the cars) can't stand super hard hits.

Credit to BeamNG Devs for Modeling Most of These Cars.

Version 4.0:
Version 4.0 is completely remastered

- New Jbeams for Everything
- Selectable Under Parts Menu
- Rotatable
- Skinable
- All Have Cameras
- Thumbnails

- Only about 60% of cars from V3 made it to V4, they will come back for next update!

What's New in Version V4   See changelog


Reworked Everything
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· Edited by Reaper111888

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I've had BeamNG since 2014/2015 anticipating someone would make a monster truck mod. Then Monster trucks were made and the car's took up too much FPS. Now we finally have this and can make the tracks monster trucks deserve.  Thank you for this.

One request though; any chance we can get the cars to be easier to crush? They seem a little stronger than what real cars would be

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· Edited by MWV01

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I've Freakng miss having crush cars in MJ, those times when destroying cars mean something like I couldn't tell you how F UP it is for a company like FELD to slowly take away things fans loved in the past and ( replace it with something boring ) think we are okay with it....#BRINGBACKCRUSHCARS I'm sick of changes....

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i love this but can you put all of the vehicles in 1 subfolder?

Response from the author:

I just did this in the latest version

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Best thing to happen to crush cars since FELD 

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I love this!!! Only thing I can think to improve is making them a little easier to crush as they are it takes a while to get them to crush other then that its perfect

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Nice! But the only thing I kinda dont like about it is the fact I have to use the Node-Grabber to unflip it, but even though that happens, its actually a reccomended mod for us monster truck crushin- fans out there!

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