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gameboy3800's Specialized Addons Pack 3.0

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3.03 hoftix Jan30: uploading what I have for Adjustable Addons and Specialized Addons in preparation for my next Community Event! new things include: utilize a common folder on the new Detroit Diesel 8v92 thats available on CRD, Willman, PEI and squid's custom SIC chassis. The front 605 Hemi finally has working textures and is now included in this pack so you can finally have your bigg boi blowers out the hood!

screenshot_2023-12-20_19-56-29.png?ex=65                      image.png?ex=65cb58cb&is=65b8e3cb&hm=e7c

3.02 hotfix dec12: fixed front hemi intake cutout hood not showing properly (redownload front engines pack to fix), added special new freestyle chassis as a small bonus 🙂 (preset included)


3.01 hotfix Dec2: fixed missing materials file and hood always being visible for the Charger body


Hey guys gameboy3800 here once again, back in Beam!


This brand new mod for CRD is one of the longest running projects I've ever done! Ever since v7.0 of my main packs, I've been hard at work on this in the background. Even during my move, working on this project really helped keep my sanity lol.


Anyways, this project was first started as just a simple addition to Adjustable Addons in the form of the Race chassis idea of mine. When I started slamming the Race chassis down and using lowered suspension I thought maybe this is a bit too extreme for Adjustable Addons? But it's not dumb enough for Meme Pack? Let's just split it off to its own thing!


So now this pack is home to some of the crazier ideas of mine that otherwise would be stuck in limbo!


You will NEED Adjustable Addons for the new chassis and engine slots to appear for you!



Let's get a roll call for all thats included:


1.    New Chassis': Specialized Engines Chassis, CRD3.0 Pure-Race Chassis, and CRD 6x6 Chassis!

- Specialized Engines Chassis is meant to hold the LARGEST engines from all my packs! It's hollowed out to the extreme to allow for some crazy setups! In fact the default motor is a 27L Rolls Royce Merlin V12 aircraft engine!

>> Set Bonus: Having Meme Pack installed allows you to install a Radial Aircraft engine to here as well!

- CRD3.0 Pure Race Chassis is for those looking for hotlap records! It's custom CRC suspension is slammed down, and the chassis cradle is raised to give an insanely low minimum ride height! It's pretty fragile, but VERY Fast for pure laptime! Default motor is the 540CI Ford Customizable Engine!

- CRD 6x6 Chassis: Featuring an absolutely massive Daimler-Benz 45L Inverted V12 aircraft engine, the only way it would drive without just collapsing a normal chassis was to spread its weight over 2 additional rear wheels! It makes for quite a different look and drive! Includes Blz's Mud tires as well for some INSANE Mega truck action!

>> Set Bonus: the 45L V12 is also able to be put into the Long Chassis from Meme Pack! and the Radial Aircraft engine is able to be installed into the 6x6 chassis!

2.    New Engines: 1650CI Rolls Royce Merlin Aircraft engine(model by PM3D@3dwarehouse), 727CI Chevy DRAG Procharged engine (model by BenB@3dwarehouse), and the 2720CI Inverted V12 Daimler-Benz DB603 Supercharged & Nitrous injected for the ultimate torque (model by MCS Design@CGTrader)!

- Moved Ford 632CI Prorcharged motor from Front Engines to here for less slot clutter in Front Engines Chassis'.

>> Set Bonus: Added the Drag Procharger to be selectable on the 540CI Customizable Engines!

3.    Added an Automatic Transmission option for League motors here for a more familiar, invincible torque converter gearbox. If you want to force people to use the Manual w/ Clutch that comes standard with League engines to allow for gearbox explosions, just dont install this pack into your MP server!

4.    Includes new presets for Pure Racing, 6x6 fun or brings some old presets from Front Engines to here for consistency.


There's a lot more that can be said about the contents of this mod, but I think it's best to just let you find that out for yourself by driving it!

Warning: anything with a (WIP) label is not 100% done, but it is drivable enough that I dont want to hold it back for this release.

What's New in Version 3.0


MASSIVE Content Dump!


Update 3.0 new things and fixes:


- Added CRD3.0 Muscle Chassis to better fit car bodies

- Added 1969 Dodge Charger Body with General Lee paintjob with jbeam help by @Mike Bev, Preset included!

- Added new Twin Magic paintjob with a unique Switching Sides ability! Turn on Headlights to swap the Light and Dark Sides! Presets included.

- Added new Twin Mill CRD Chassis with 2 Merlin Engines Side by Side, complete with Custom Sounds! Preset included.

- Added Extended 6x6 Frame option with a custom 60L V16, TWIN SUPERCHARGED! Preset Included.

- Added said V16 to Meme Pack Long Chassis!

- Added Numerous V12 Engines to Specialized Engines Chassis/V2: Aichi AE1A Atsuta, Rolls Royce Griffon (w/ RR Merlin Revamp!), Hispano-Suiza 12Y, Klimov VK107 (by United4192@sketchfab), and Detroit Diesel 12v71 & 12v92 (by Saber Interactive) engines!

- Added Detroit Diesel 8v92 (by MorBius@3dwarehouse) to Willman (WIP)!

- Smaller model filesize and streamlined loading with the use of Cached.DTS file formats!

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im having issues using the 6x6x6 trucks but other than that pack is awesome. (could have been something i did wrong when installing not sure though.)


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