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Override and Lightning Strike are NOT open customs!!

I present to you, one of the largest packs on Beam-Monsters, the Bev Pack!  I decided to make the focus of this pack be more realistic and showcase some of my better reconstruction work that didn't make the main mod, similar to the Jedi Pack.  There is still a custom or two in here that I left because they fit in well.  All other customs that were in this pack or slated to be are now in the new Community Customs pack.  As always, enjoy!

This pack includes:

32 Degrees (Alternate), Bad Habit (2009 and Debut), Batista, Bearfoot, Budweiser, Carolina Crusher (2003 Silverado), Carolina Crusher (Trophy Truck), Crash Recruit (SUV), Crash Test Dummy, Fiesta, Haul Y'all, High Octane, Holiday Hauler, Hot Wheels (Pickup), Hot Wheels Racing 1 (Alt, Blue, Blue Alt), Hot Wheels Racing 4, Lightning Strike, Mechanical Mischief (Bev), MLB Bigfoot, Monster Energy (Trophy Truck), Override (08 Silverado, 15 Silverado, 09 Ram), ProMT Predator (09 Ram), Ragin' Steel (standard, Barthel, Hartsock, custom), Rap Attack (03 and 08 Silverado), Razin' Kane (standard, 2020, Matte Black), Crusader (2 versions), Scorcher (Alternate), Smile More (14 F-250), Tide, Wild Side (Bev)- Mike Bev

Little Tiger - MonsterJamOCD and Mike Bev

Stinger Unleashed - @Jam Customs

Ameriquest Freedom, Thor - Levi Schones and Mike Bev

Brodozer - @NKSPRODUCTIONS96 and Mike Bev



What's New in Version 5.0.0   See changelog


- Added Hot Wheels Racing 1 Blue (Toy and Norman), Hot Wheels Racing 4, Rap Attack (03 and 08 Silverado), Bad Habit (Debut), Tide

- Corrected textures and presets on select trucks

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Removed Gunslinger, because, accurate bodies are being implemented...... meaning Gunslingers getting refitted onto an accurate body......

Happy days.

Response from the author:

As much as I wish this was true, it isn't.  My Gunslinger texture was just horrible, not even sure why I released it in the first place to tell you the truth.

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awesome pack

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one of the best packs on beam monsters

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la textura de carolina crusher no aparece nose si es algo de mi juego o no ya lo arreglaron ????

Response from the author:

Assuming Google translated this right, make sure you don't have any duplicate files and clear cache.

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· Edited by MWV01


The Batista One looks fire based on the toy truck of the same name from that world wrestling entertainment monster jam exclusive toy line way back in 2006 along with John Cena in the 2 Pack. would love to have these trucks as a collectors piece same day and rest of the others....


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