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gameboy3800's Meme Pack 9.0

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v9.0: filesize optimizations, fixed wobbly driveshafts, added rear engine to RMI for some reason.


I think I changed the name of the zip file slightly in a previous version, so MAKE SURE YOU DONT HAVE ANY DUPLICATE FILES TO AVOID CONFLICTS AND ISSUES!


The meme chassis' REQUIRE Adjustable Addons to be installed in order to see the 'gameboy3800 chassis' slot option in the parts menu!



TL;DR version for those just interested in the new things this update:




Newish parts: The Semi and Bus Diesel engines and their accompanying accessories have been moved to this pack, since they’re basically memes now.


Revamps: filesize should be lower thanks to using 7Zip to pack the mod.


Fixes: Adding a 2nd fuel tank to a Front Engine setup should now actually give you double the range instead of it just being a visual gag.



Full description for those who enjoy looking at a wall of text.


Hey guys gameboy3800 here once again, and today is the release of my much anticipated Meme Pack! This pack includes skins and jokes from my channels long BeamNG history that should give the community members something to chuckle at, as well as offer some never before seen parts to let the normal CRD Monster Truck get a whole lot more interesting. It was also decided that this will combine all of my previous uploaded trucks into this one zip so that everything is up to date all at once!


I’ve spent a very long time getting everything in this pack to work just right, so I do hope you enjoy. Because this pack has 2 major focus points: new parts and new/revamped skins, I’ve decided to split the pack into two separate zips, the CRD_gameboy3800_Meme_Pack.zip and the CRD_gameboy3800’s_Adjustable_Addons.zip.


The Meme_Pack is exactly what you expect, it’s full of trucks that are in reference to all the fun times we’ve had on my youtube channel, along with one or two serious trucks that I’ve been wanting to do for awhile but have only now just gotten around to actually doing. Some of the best additions of the Meme_Pack are the inclusion of Maximum Disappointment with the hilariously bad russian body glitching through it, of course made famous in my channel streams! There’s also Reference trucks to just about every famous phrase or catchphrase that I’ve made popular over the years.


Some people have been kind enough to make specific skins just for this pack, this really has become a community project. It’s also got all my previous skins all updated to CRD 2.0 standards as well! If you have both the Meme_Pack and Adjustable_Addons pack, you’ll be able to use the truck presets as they are intended to be, as a lot of the trucks in it utilize parts from the Adjustable_Addons pack. However if you’re only interested in installing this pack, these trucks should still spawn with the base parts just fine.


There’s a lot of things to go over, however I’ll save that for later down the page. I want to give a personal thank you to all of my youtube subscribers, this pack goes out to all of you, as well as all of the friends I’ve made in the Beam Monsters community! It may be called a Meme Pack, however that doesn’t mean that I haven't put my best foot forward, this is my gift to everyone!


Further Reading:


Old Packs to delete if you have them to avoid file conflicts: old Gameboy3800 pack, Voodoo Aria, Voodoo Envy Limited Edition, old Guardblast3 Pack.


New packs to download in order to allow everything to work properly: CRD 2.0+ (duh), MJam Pack (multiple paints use Ram or Expedition bodies), BLZ Pack (some presets use blz tires,  blz shocks, or blz headers. Its not required to have a working truck though).


Further Prerequisites: Clear Cache after installing CRD 2.2+, remove any mods that aren’t updated to 2.0 standards yet to avoid breaking stuff.




Skins done completely by gameboy3800: Amazing Test Skin, Buzz Axe Rampage, Deesl Bloothrs,  GBTest, SeeADoctor, Marky Jester 2Face, and What A Bot.


Skins done mostly by gameboy3800 but had Mike Bev’s help: Ocen Bloothrs (chassis color), Voodoo Aria (sponsor plates), KFA2 trucks (packing, chassis fixing),  Emoji Movie Trucks (packing), PCMR (packing), Misery Machine (packing).


Skins that I commissioned the ideas for but were ultimately done by other people: Voodoo Envy Limited Edition (I supplied source pictures to Guardblast3), Sp00kest of Girefs (I supplied source pictures to Fen), Maximum Disappointment Trucks (I was directing to Fen what to put on it).


Skins donated by other people: Grave Hunter (Guardblast), Calculated (Mike Bev), MaxDTT (MiseriaCantare), Forward Freds (Ethan Saunders).


Other Credits: Massive personal thank you to Mike Bev for reorganizing the Meme_Pack zip to be more in line with 2.0 standards, I know it wasn’t easy. He also helped with a lot of materials for not only my packs, but for CRD as a whole. The mans a living encyclopedia for monster trucks. Thank you Mike.


There’s even some special parts in this Meme Pack that you can equip to any truck to let it feel unique, for better or for worse!


CRD_F150_Body_but_backwards: It is a completely normal F150 body, but I’ve reversed it for some reason. It actually doesn’t fit completely awfully, except for the hood falls off on spawn. Oops. This may or may not be fixed eventually. Original jbeam code by FLyInG 2 YoUr SoUL and MJamfan22, rotated and raised poorly by gameboy3800. F150 Model rotated by gameboy3800. (This will likely be removed if the real Backwards Bob becomes a thing for the mod).


CRD_Fred Steering: These steering options (front and rear) are like normal steering, but they’re reversed! Left is right, right is left! This is used in conjunction with the Fred_Transmission to allow you to still steer normally when going backwards (going backwards, left will still be left). Recommended rear steering is Fred_Linked steering to not need manually do reverse rear steering. Unless you want a challenge :). code by gameboy3800.


CRD_Fred_Transmission: This is a totally normal transmission, but instead of shifting up into first, it throws you into reverse! Reverse gear takes you to 80ish mph, and 1st gear takes you to 40ish mph, basically it’s backwards. You can put this into any normal truck to give yourself quite a challenge! Note: when equipping to an existing truck, hit ‘Reset’ on the tune to fix not going fast in any gear.


Gavril_I6_Semi_Engine: The all new Turbo Diesel Option for the CRD Monster Truck, this was originally put ingame by me with help by Fen way back in the CRD 1.14 days. I’ve recently revamped how it performs from the ground up with the help of Bobcat and Mike Bev to allow it to be released alongside CRD 2.0! This is supreme Meme quality engine, in fact there’s a document in the zip that explains everything wrong with it, but hey it works like it should, and it smokes a ton! This Engine also has my Soft Rev Limiter in place by default for more manageable revs. The Exhaust Pipes are selectable just like any normal headers of the other engines with 3 options on base CRD: the Center Stack for an internally mounted stack; This one smokes the most and is the best Diesel experience IMO. Then theres the Side Stack option for a big pipe along the left side of the truck for a different/meme look, and the Rear Exhaust which I made to allow for a less ‘smoke in camera’ driving experience. The Rear Exhaust is affectionately known as the ‘one tire fire starter’, because it just dumps the smoke straight into the back left wheel lol. The Custom Chassis’ only get the Left Stack and Rear Exhaust to avoid roof clipping with the Center Stack. The Diesel Engine is the only engine in this pack that is selectable on all chassis. Stock Power Figures: 1402 HP/1811 FT-LB. Original Exhaust Pipe and Engine Placement done by Fen, Center Exhaust redone by Bobcat, Exhaust Materials redone by Mike Bev. Rear Exhaust, Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.


CRD_Wentward_i6_Bus_Engine: a second meme Diesel Engine ripped straight out of the normal bus. It gets all the same parts as the normal CRD Semi engine. It is a little bit smaller and lighter than the old engine, but it’s also a little less powerful. Of these 2 meme engines, I would say the Bus engine is the better one because the power difference is negligible, and it does weigh a bit less. It sounds a little different too. Engine model by BeamNG, code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.


CRD_Fueltank_Roadtrip: A normal fuel tank with more than twice the maximum capacity for fuel, allowing for much longer runtimes! Think you can last a whole tank now?? You can equip this to any chassis, used with any Alcohol burning Engine. In the Tuning Menu, you can get up to 250L of fuel vs the standard 80L! Code and fuel cell model editing by gameboy3800.


CRD_Fueltank_Roadtrip_(Diesel): same as above, but now it give extended driving sessions for the Diesel Engine as well! This is the only Diesel Fuel Tank in this pack. For a normal Sized one, you’ll need my Adjustable Addons Pack. Code and fuel cell model editing by gameboy3800.


CRD_Radiator_Diesel: a more powerful radiator for the Diesel Engine to keep it from overheating mega quick. It is equipped from standard when installing the Diesel Engine. Code by gameboy3800.


CRD_Turbocharger: The Standard Turbocharger option when you equip a Diesel Engine to the CRD Monster Truck, it is a REAL Turbo with lag, sound and all! It is equipped from standard when installing the Diesel Engine. You can tune it a little bit via the Tuning Menu as well! Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.


CRD_Turbocharger_Tuned: An optional Modified Turbocharger selectable on the Diesel Engine via Parts Menu to give a power bump and way less turbo lag to handle more like a Procharger/Supercharger with a sick Flutter sound when off throttle! It also has some more wiggle room if you tune it in the Tuning Menu! Code and sound implementation by gameboy3800.


CRD_Fake_Supercharger: a Supercharger option for the Diesel Engine to let its engine behavior be more in line with the old engines. You get less overall power, but it gets an easier to read power band, so it should be fairly balanced. Code by gameboy3800.


That’s about it for this pack. Overall this pack needed the least amount of revamping aside from the motors getting retuned. Regardless, I hope you enjoy!

What's New in Version 9.0   See changelog


Some small fixes:


- Reduced filesize

- Fixed some wobbly driveshaft moments.

- Load time improvements.

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It Super Cool! Like The Meme Are Cool!

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this man put the king sling ride truck in this pack!!!

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ever since i downloaded i couldn't find the hush power lol

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