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    Nice Truck Dude
    Lightning is a bit weird, but its a good map!
    Great map with a different style. Keep up the work
  1. SIN

    Stroudsburg Arena

    Version 1.0.0


    I made a track in a couple of hours that is inspired by the old map; RC Expo Use some retro trucks, its a good map
  2. If you are wondering why this map is broken, please remove the old version of this map: heywhydoIexist If there are any questions or concerns, you know where to find me.
  3. Version 2.1.0


    Old Andrews Speedway is a speedway just outside of the bustling town of Lauderdale, which was the birthplace of the original founder of Andrews, Andrew Holcomb started a ranch with numerous amounts of livestock that the locals would trade or offer for use of food. Because of how much money he was gaining from the locals, he opened up the town in 1953, putting it on the map. Another one of Andrew's long time friends was deeply into watching races along the coastside. He gained enough money one day to add onto the charm of the lazy town, by adding a speedway just north of the town. Although, Andrew was not doing so great after the speedway's completion in 1968. He unfortunately would die off a couple years later due to his primitive old age. He would die peacefully along with his four greedy sons, who wanted their Dad’s fortune. The controlling mother was only there due to the money he had been given forwarding how longs has been farming. The greedy sons would not get the fortune, it instead went to his friend to add more onto the track and to make a separate but equally awesome track out of the flood zones. Although he had fallen, he had fallen to give others the love that his friend has for racing ginormous tin can cars. The legacy would still stretch on until 1979, where they had to abandon ship because of financial reasons, leaving the area to be covered in swamp. After 42 years of abandonment, the track would phase out of existence, until the legacy from one of the greedy sons had sparked a revelation to completely restore every aspect of the track. Although he let a team do most of the work, he and his brothers got some common sense slapped into them to actually try. The track reopened on July 4th, 2021 to allow derbys and for ginormous monster trucks to destroy everything in their path. Heck, even FELD wants to spill the beans about a triple backflip ramp for an encore. This Independence Day is going to be Great! __ This map has not only a 8 track in the middle of the woods, but it also has an amazing track featuring a screen for taking images of your vehicle in the fireworks during the night. These are not crush cars, these are non-crush cars, not only to save performance but because with the new update; it broke the physics on the crush pack. __ 5qVjb979XY/gg.drocsid//:sptth I literally have no idea what any of that means above, try and decode it random person reading this! __ MANY BUGS HAVE BEEN PATCHED! - The Sun is no longer a disco ball/flickering light anymore - The Glare effect is now gone because of the flickering lights - Shadows are now real on this map - New Billboards lol - The Water for the 8 Track and the Lake are now actual water - Roads are not as grabby, no longer grabs the trucks when you reset/spawn on them, yet this still can happen on the road going through the swamp. Next hotfix will be decal roads instead of actual mesh. - The Dirt Smoothness in the 8 track and the Monster Truck Track is Smoother. - Triple Backflip ramp has been reassessed to 2.0+ Standards. Try using the Top Speed Truck in Gameboy3800’s pack! Although I can not do anything about the NO TEXTURE Stadium Model, this doesn’t mean that I can’t figure out a solution to this problem in a future hotfix update. If there is no stadium though , download this map: Thank you to:Freddy5404, Docholiday, Gameboy3800, Ausi Jedi, Hawk05, Daniel915, M’lady and HoonCowYT for helping me beta test. give ideas and letting me have the ability to use some of their props. Have a great Independence Day and hope you enjoy the map!!!
    Really Good Track, Good work Jedi
    Good map, would be 5 stars if you didn't tell me to make it 5 stars 🙂
  4. What specs does your computer have?
  5. If there are any complaints or anything needed, contact me here.
  6. Version 2.0.0


    Andrews was founded in 1953 by a few farmers, hoping to find some profit in selling crops to the local town Lauderdale. The founder of this particular town was named Andrew Holcomb. He was unfortunately laid to rest after his cardiac arrest three years after the the first buildings start appearing. With his unfortunate passing, the brothers of his farm threw rage with each other trying to find who would get his profits. yet, the entire time, a new speedway was being built by one of his closest friends with the leftover profits from Andrew. When the speedway was completed in 1968, the brothers had finally discovered where his profits went, In which they left the town to rot. After the brothers left, the speedway grabbed attention of everyone around, which made the place very successful! With the speedway celebrating 52 years of Existence, it still celebrates... although with compactions of a certain Virus... it had to close down. But finally after about a half a year, it has come back for its 53rd year! NOTES: IF YOU SEE FLICKERING ON THE SKYBOX, YOU CAN CHANGE THE TIME OF DAY TO FIX THAT PROBLEM, IF YOU SET IT AT SUNRISE THE PROBLEM IS GONE Yes, I know that the stands have no material, I really don't know how to fix this. The middle stops (Lights on the Track, not RII lights) lights may stay red while another light is green, be aware that by exiting off of beam and coming back will fix the problem! This is one of my older maps released last August, but tons of things were fixed on the track... such as new car stacks, new colors and our lovely Bob moving on with his life, although he was a good, smiling reminder of the history of Old Andrews Speedway, he has now found a caring wife. We will miss Bob the Moonhawk Car, Goodspeed. Best quality for this map is Medium settings, High works but not for low end computers such as mine! Keep in mind, that if you have a decent graphic card and CPU, you could probably run this map. __ Packs Needed: If there is no stadium model, download this map:
  7. Version 6.0.0


    About a half year ago, we found an old chassis rotting away in one of my friends garages, it seemed to have potential to make into something neat, so we decided to put in a comptition, destroying the entire thing during finals. However, we found the blueprint for the truck in the walk in shed behind the garage, so since this community event started, the host wants us to make it public, for anyone to drive, so here we are with accessibility for anyone to build or destroy. Treat it with respect and It will treat you with Respect, The base tune is what it came with, this is where we fixed it though... I think the idea of the Gordman Headers was taken from my friends dad's name, huh, how captivating. Old Ukraine's were also flat in the garage with crappy rear turning speed... Put a new Merlin Engine in the front and put some power steering in it, it should work! Skywarn Flags with orange undergrow by pushing N on your keyboard (thanks KCREW) __ Packs needed: Credits: Artwork and TWB Series by: Andrew Dickmeyer Packed By: @KILLERCREW33 Uhh, That's it lol, go home
  8. Heres My Stuffs Cut out some of the beginning and end, I dont want mouse or weird pause in the beginning and end of each clip, Cheers
  9. Skinner be driving Wind Breraker Monster Truck YES
    Someone made this, but this one honestly is so much better
  10. I literally asked a month ago if people wanted a Minecraft server and here we are😕
  11. This Old Fella has made its first run in a little while, we took the responsibility and drove the truck just to work out the bugs, somebody caught wind of the situation and asked if we were going to be participating in the new competition that was in a couple of hours, our crew chewed on the thought and we decided to bring the truck just for people to observe. we didn't think it would be here, winning not only its first event, but also having the engine entirely replaced after the event ended. We got some help from some other drivers who showed up in the event, but the truck is still in question on where it will go next... should we continue this line of success with the old girl? Or should we wait and add more improvements too her? Whatever will hold, we need to get to work on the replacement... and we need to show up first for the event too! Lets get down to business. -Andrew Dickmeyer 2021 Oh Yeah (Off topic on story line) Truck will be out in like a month (I got so much stuff to personally do lol)
    Told me to put 5 stars, so here we are
  12. Update #1

    I am working on a small, yet unique project that may interest you! This next project following 2.0 will showcase a new truck on the f100 body, with some very cool cinematography with the project. @KILLERCREW33 and a few others have helped me create the truck and help out with the action. 

    I'm Expecting to get this project done before January 30th with only about 17% done as of now. Some more recording has to be done with some additional mods included. Few other things need to be done but its getting closer to release. Additionally, I will be uploading a few images on Beam Monsters; "show-your-projects" channel with some details already released. 

    You can find my server here: to help me create this project or to see some of the progress. Hopefully soon, this project can be completed. 

  13. Use mediafire or google drive, just no cringe please ok
  14. if you make it as a sharable link... like with google drive or somthing, you can send the images there. You can also look on the YouTube channel to find how to upload photos.