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    I know I'm super late, but this is one of the rare venues on this site I've gotten to attend IRL, and the venue where I had the privilege to be a crew member in 2017. Great work on the track!
    This truck has been suspended for 80 games due to a failed drug test. Just kidding. Nice paint job! 5/5.
    What a weird, unique track design. I myself would have preferred way more cross-thread and combo opportunities, here you're mostly full sending it over doubles if you can make it. But the uniqueness makes me give it a 4 still. Nice work!
    This track is so weird. One moment, I hate the paint scheme. The next moment, I love it. Sometimes the track feels a bit cluttered, sometimes it feels like there's a lot of space. I'm just gonna rate it a 5 and move on lol.
    I literally refuse to believe this is your first track. This is way too good. Doesn't even feel like a custom at all, feels like a replica of some actual 2010 track. The angles on the ramps, the jump heights, the spacing...man, good times on this track.
    It's just too empty and repetitive for me. Really could have used some more jump variety. I could see myself driving on this map once or twice.
    WARNING: FOR CERTIFIED GIGACHADS ONLY 420/69 score for these trucks.
    What can you say? Pretty sure this track is in more Youtube videos than any other by a country mile. Famous, famous track. Love the classics, thanks for resurrecting this one!
    RIP to a legend. He and Mr. Dizzy are my two favorite stunt drivers/performers out there...such a shame. I'm glad if he had to go, he went doing what he loved. Thanks for the tribute. Much love, Smooves, much love.
    Shoot, these mid-decade tracks are still fun designs. In 2017 they started spamming the pod-type jumps too hard, but before 2017 these were fun. 5/5.
    I like the map. I agree the scaling could be better, but I always judge maps on what the present product is. And what's here is fun to drive on.
    I appreciate how accurate the crush car step ups both are. The sides of those are what Tyler was using to launch sideways into the backflip container/the berm. You're able to actually do that here like in real life so I appreciate the attention to detail. They did change the profile of those two jumps starting with this show, so thanks for representing that! 5/5.
    Can someone give me a time machine to fast forward to whenever AOT WF3 will be released? These two World Finals have been some of my favorite track designs! I love both sides of the "Leduc Ramps" equally, the left one with the "Just Send Her!" sign is a lot more risky than the right side, but so rewarding if you manage to land that sucker. I also appreciate how there's not an abhorrent amount of backflips ramps like there are on most World Finals maps. Overall this is just a great balance of everything I could want; big air, technical, cross-threads and a healthy variety of all. 5/5 track!
  1. "Borrowing" content without permission is a bad look, period. I'm not denying the fact that ROR people HAVE taken Beam content without permission, but one of the big lessons in life is two wrongs don't make a right. Be the bigger person. The two communities have had to try very hard to bridge differences and work together over the last two or so years because we all love monster truck sims and want these games to be as incredible as we can make them. Things like this only increase tensions between our communities. If ROR people don't want their content in this game, respect their wishes. The critical difference is ROR is free and open-source; BeamNG is a paid commercialized product we make mods for. There's a massive difference between the two, no matter how much you might enjoy Beam over ROR or vice versa.
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