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    I love you, CLN. Seriously. The real life track is probably my favorite design Monster Jam has used for any track since 2013. I hoped somebody would make it in Beam, but had no idea it would be so soon. You're a damn legend! The map is so accurate to what was build in real life as well!
    Haha! This map is epic. First off, I love the course itself, it's a genuinely fun layout and the shed being crushable is just...I love it. Normally, having to run external mods like that to play a map would irritate me, but now I'm genuinely hoping other map makers find a way to add that shed into their layouts! But what I might love even more is the visuals, and the audible ambience. The sounds of crickets and other bugs in the background is very satisfying to the ears, as is the lighting. And this is a small thing, but seeing the entire trees swaying, trunk included, made me giggle. I also love the Easter egg (people are going to have to find it themselves, no spoilers), but man this Easter egg sure sounds beautiful! Oh, and the tribute to Scott Hartsock, of course...amazing work there. Touched my heart 😞 Easy 5/5, wish I could give it 10.
    Awesome, love it. Don't mind the bigger jumps and the layout allows for some serious elevation, holmes. Nice design!
    Looking at the pictures, i thought i'd hate this. But about 8 minutes of game time and i already love this course. Nice design.
  1. People+file review system=pure stupidity.

    1. SonOfStormcloak


      Bwahahaha mods actually deleted my review xD pathetic and sad

    It's a custom. If it were meant to be realistic, it would be a repli-custom. This track is great for what it is, 5 stars.
    This is a fun realistic custom track. Very enjoyable. 5/5.
    Was waiting to review until all the trucks were added, and now that they have been, instant 5 stars!
    This...this is too lit. Wish I could give it a 6. Your tracks are always a delight, Justin.
    Friggin blast! Great craftsmanship in the angles of the jumps, great detail in the venue, and it's just a joy to drive on. Easy 5!
    Great track. I think some of the jumps could stand to be slightly taller or steeper, but a very enjoyable mudfest!
    I don't get the criticisms, tbh. Map seems fine to me. If people don't like the map, they can make their own version of it. 5/5 from me.
    Awesome work! Funny enough, I happened to watch the full event video on Youtube just earlier today. Awesome recreation!
    Awesome work! Love it so far! 5/5!
    This is SICK. Absolutely love it, 5/5!