Bobcat Creations Pack 2.0.0

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This is a pack of skins created for myself and a few other drivers in the BMPML series. There is also a few personal skins as well as a replica of Rislone Defender. The is also 9 different new headers that work on the Merlin, Ford and Hemi engines. In addition to the headers, there is also 3 new "rim covers" that are sadly not selectable but can be tied into a skin for custom trucks. There is a new bowtie made for the Defender replica that is selectable in the bowtie section.


There is a header type that is designed only for the CRD3 chassis, these headers are called Flowtech Derby Headers. There is no way at the moment to make them exclusive to a chassis. This is important to know, if you put this type of header on the CRD chassis they will clip through the chassis. The correct version of the Flowtech Derby Headers for the CRD chassis is named Flowtech Upright Headers. They are designed to pass through the CRD chassis correctly.


Special Thanks to everyone in the Dev team for their help and input on this project. This pack may not have happened without the nudges of some Dev members for me to do a pack.


Required Mods:


All headers, rim covers and bowtie within this pack created by Bobcat

Rislone Defender by @Tsunami23

Thanks to @guardblast3for showing me how to do the emissive headlights and the in cab lighting.

What's New in Version 2.0.0   See changelog


This Update has been a long time coming. All headers have been reworked as far as sounds and exhaust output nodes. There is a total of 22 skin now in the pack most of which are customs with a few replicas thrown in. All skins done by myself with the exception of Trail King which was done by @Tsunami23. New additions to the pack are the 2017 Nissan Titan body done my myself with advice from @Mjamfan22and @Mike Bevwith the jbeam. Some new headers was added to the pack as well. I can't remember everything that was added with the headers but do make sure if you are using CRD you are using the correct headers. Also included the fog light bowtie to work on CRD3 chassis now as well as made a steel plate sponsor plate for CRD3. This update has been such a long time coming I'm sure I have forgotten somethings in the update as well as some people. Many thanks to everyone on the Dev team for their help and support while doing the update for the pack.

New Skins:
Monster Trucks Then and Now

Monster Trucks Then and Now (Domo version)

Monster Trucks Then and Now Vintage


Trail Master

Trail King

WV Mountaineer (Replica)

Carolina Crusher (2015 Custom)

2017 Nissan Titan


There will be another update coming soon as @guardblast3 is currently working on making all the fog lights work on the roll bar and bowties. I was going to wait until he was done but seeing how I boo booed and deleted the original pack file here we are. Thanks to everyone that has downloaded the pack and enjoyed it, there is much more to come for sure.

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killed it yes finally a bobcat addition to bm sweet!!!

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Mike Bev

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Top tier content brother

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Amazing Work Bobcat, not only are they super high quality, they fit as trucks that could be real! 

These are some of the Best Customs on the website!

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