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Bobcat Creations Pack 2.7.0

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About This File

                          Here is the long awaited update to the Bobcat Creations Pack. This pack has been 9 months in the making and it has grown larger than I ever thought this update would become. Last update the was a little over 20 skins and now has over 60 skins. In this update you will find many new new additions to the headers as well as a new rim insert. The rims Inserts have been moved to the new slot under the rims so they can now be selected as needed instead of having to be wrote into the jbeam code for the skin. Much like the Flags the Rim Inserts now have selectable skin for them once you select the insert of choice. The new bodies in this up date are the 81 Dodge Ram, 87 F150 (Regular Cab, Super Cab, and Bronco), 92 F150 (OBS) (Regular Cab, Super Cab, and Bronco), 2017 Nissan Titan Custom and the long awaited return on the 81 K10 (Square Body) (Regular Cab and Quad Cab). There are tons of options for both the F150's and the K10's.


                          I hope everyone enjoys this update as well as the other Dev pack updates. Its been a long road but we are finally finished and I am very pleased with how everything turned out. I can't thank @Mike Bevenough for all the Jbeam work he put into these bodies for me. Anything I had an idea about trying to do he was all for trying it out. Massive shout out to @Zack PRD for his great skins that he made which in turn expanded my pack beyond my hopes. Another big thank you to @jedipresence for killing the skin for wreckreation and allowing me to bring his Doomblade truck back to life on the new square body. Ow yeah and that Renacer skin (you know you wanted the body style made). Special Thanks to the rest of the  Dev team for their help and input throughout this update development.


                        One last special thank you to @WorpeX for sending me the wrap graphic he got from Zane Rettew for Bearly Tame. This was a truck that was one my "must be done" list once I started working on the 92 F150 body. This wrap probably wouldn't have been done had it not been for him sending me the graphic. So I extend a personal thank you for that. Bearly Tame will also be my ride in the upcoming season 2 Beam Monster All Out Tour.





Models By @Bobcat

1973 Chevrolet K10

1981 Dodge Ram
1981 Chevrolet K10
1981 Chevrolet K10 Quad Cab
1987 Ford F150
1987 Ford F150 Super Cab
1987 Ford Bronco
1992 Ford F150
1992 Ford F150 Super Cab
1992 Ford Bronco
2013 Custom Train
2017 Nissan Titan
2017 Nissan Titan Custom

New 4" Steve Combs shocks

All Headers and addtional parts


Lights By @guardblast3



Skins By @Bobcat
American Graffiti
Backlash (2003)
Backlash (2008)
Bearly Tame (2020)
Bearly Tame (2021)
Bearly Tame (Pretty Wicked Chassis)
Bearly Tame (Stinger Unleashed Body)
Big N' Nasty
Bigfoot 8 (Debut)
Bigfoot 8 (Racer)
Bigfoot 10
Bigfoot Cruiser
Carolina Crusher (Custom)
Mopar Magic 4
Mopar Magic (Custom)
Concert For Aliens
Dirt Crew (Retro)
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel (Purple)
Fallen Angel (Willys)
Heavy Medal
Jersey Outlaw 2
Jus' Shown Off
King Kong 3
Master Of Disaster (2021)
WV Mountaineer
WV Mountaineer (OBS)
WV Mountaineer (Custom)
Axmen (World Finals 2020)
Axmen (Night Fire)
Monster Trucks Then And Now
Monster Trucks Then And Now Ventage
Monster Trucks Then And Now Legendary
Nissan Titan
Pretty Wicked
Redneck's Rage
Trail Master

The Legend
Throttle Popper


Skins By @jedipresence
Doomblade Ice (Bobcat Edit)


Skins By @Zack PRD
Bad News Travels Fast (2021)
Power Wheels Bigfoot
Bigfoot Power Wheels
Heavy Hitter 2016
Heavy Hitter 2021
Holman's BEAST
Krazy Train
Reckless Drivin (2020)
Reckless Drivin (2019)
Reckless Drivin (2018)
Twisted Addiction (OBS)
Virginia Giant

Skins By @RuddRulez
Bigfoot 11 (1993)
Hot Pursuit
No Problem! 3 (1992)
No Problem! 3 (1993)
Extreme Overkill (1993)
Wildfoot (Debut)

Skins By @Tsunami23
Rislone Defender
Trail King


Skins By @Docholiday

King Krunch (2021)

Skins By @bradshawdesign01 (put in game by @Bobcat)
American Scout


Required Mods:


What's New in Version 2.7.0   See changelog


2013 Custom Train

American Scout
Krazy Train
Throttle Popper

Small selectable tweeks to the K10(s)

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Mike Bev

· Edited by Mike Bev

   6 of 6 members found this review helpful 6 / 6 members

Top tier content

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   6 of 6 members found this review helpful 6 / 6 members

killed it yes finally a bobcat addition to bm sweet!!!

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   5 of 5 members found this review helpful 5 / 5 members

hi there if anyone could please help im having a no texture issue with krazy train ive installed and uninstalled the pack and ive done deep and standards cleans multiple times but still keep showing as no textures  

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Awesome pack man love the updated stuff

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

1000/1000 Wreckless drivin and many other surprises!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you

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Amazing Work Bobcat, not only are they super high quality, they fit as trucks that could be real! 

These are some of the Best Customs on the website!

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I noticed when I spawned hellcat, it didn't have it's body, but I've been having a lot of fun

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no  problem   is  amazing  thank  you  bobcat  also  rip  john  moore  feb  8  2022

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NICE! I've been waiting for this one since you mentioned it to me. Absolutely fantastic work and I love the modern versions of older trucks like Invader, UFO and King King. I think you're Bearly Tame is better than mine on RoR too, incredible work!

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Amazing work! I was just thinking about Virgina Giant needing to be in Beam like a week ago. Gotta love all the retro's too

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just missing the 94/95 pink and teal bigfoot but outside of that this is money, excellent stuff.

Response from the author:

Had to leave something for the skins makers to do 😉

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This is OFFICIALY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PACK MADE, 100/5 I frickin love the 4 door bronco thing!

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