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    Just such a fun track overall!
  1. Version 1.1.0


    The all new Dungeon Designs pack is finally here! Pack managed by @KILLERCREW33, Featuring custom concepts, modern twists on some old school names, and toys brought to life! More to come soon DISCLAMER! Jerc Digga, Jerc Digga The Legend, Scouter, and Wicked Wayz are NOT OPEN COUSTOMS -------------------------------------------------------------- Trucks featured in the pack: CRD - AMA Arenacross - Aces High (Dungeon Designs) - Aces High Valvoline (Dungeon Designs) - Bearly Tame Monster Energy (Dungeon Designs) - Carolina Crusher (Dungeon Designs) - Five Finger Death Punch - Green Mamba - Gunkster - Ice Cream Man (Dungeon Designs) - Jerc Digga - Jerc Digga (Green) - Jerc Digga (Purple) - Jerc Digga The Legend - Juice Monster Khaotic (Truck) - Juice Monster Khaotic (SUV) - Monster Patrol "Stealth" (Dungeon Designs) - Night Life (Dungeon Designs) - Race Ace (Bigfoot 2022) - Race Ace (Phelps 2022) - Souter DD (2022) - XMTC (Black) - XMTX (Chrome) CRC -Causin Chaos - Wicked Wayz -------------------------------------------------------------- Bodies 2020 Ford TT (CRC) - GhostDesigns#0001 -------------------------------------------------------------- NEEDED TO WORK:
    An amazing track and amazing lighting! You always have some of the best scenery
  2. Version 4.0.0


    UPDATED! 2.0 COMPATIBLE! Pack managed by @Mike Bevavava. E-Man's Speed Shop has been hard at work making new trucks, turning this pack from 5 trucks to 26 trucks, all custom concepts. There's even some Zombie vs Hunter variatioins included. Enjoy! This pack includes: Arizona Green Tea, Bev/E-Man Collab, Brain Dead, Cancer Crusher, Cancer Crusher (Hunter), Chicken Wagon, Death Wish, Death Wish (Hunter), Fast Foot, Fast Max, FireBird, Hit N Smash, Hoonigan Sticker Bomb, Long Shot, Long Shot (Hunter), Paranoid, Radioactive, Radioactive (Hunter), Superstar, Superstar (Zombie), The Ultimate Sin, The Wind Breaker (2020), Twice The Trouble, Twice The Trouble (Zombie), Youthful Decent, Youthful Decent (Zombie) ALL files required to work properly:
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