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  1. Hey BB I really love your builds but will you ever make another mud park to play with these beasts around? There are not any good places to huck them. I can help you with some ideas if you need them.
    holy mother of the moon what is that ranger body from, also fantatic map.
  2. hey bobcat if you are still here when is the estimated realease of bobcat creations pack 2.0?
  3. Nitemare is in the mjfan pack and overkill could easily be made.
  4. I mean mike Is making a corvette body for the bev pack.
  5. lol we are basically the same. I also want wildflower, time flys, vendetta, and whip. i'd like to see war wizard, buckshot, the new bounty hunter and saigon shaker.
  6. I have always loved master of disaster. It is a 2017 chev silvarado I belive, it started as a squarebody mud truck.
    okay mod, looks great but needs a LOT of work on the steering, I can't even turn with this thing. needs work on it ASAP.
    Now all we need is the new bounty hunter! anyway great mod.
    Is that a custom body or is that Mjfan's ranger? if it is, Great job!
  7. is there any estimated release date for CRC?
    Hey there Tom, I really love this thing and you can make so dang much from gassers, to lowriders, crawlers (Obviously), prerunners, and everything in-between! I was wondering if you can make some sort of jeep Kaiser M715?
    You make tough truck challenge trucks too? I love this track and wanted to point out that mm Rottweiler did not exist in the 90's. He got that body in 2015.
    Where is sun bowl 2021? but amazing track