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  1. i just want to say if you can make an brutus ,spike ,mega ,bite, fire and ice pack,,,and custom luis stuffy 2 truck for me because for my youtube if you can make it

  2. why does the sunbowl event repeat forever?

    1. luis




    Nice job on the pack. Keep up the good work dude.
  3. Do you guy think that the multiplayer servers are better or worse then the singleplayer?
  4. Agreed. Stinger is a great truck. The cab is really good.
  5. You might have to join the discord and sign up. Also you might have to be in the game.
  6. Like what is the type of chassis? For example CRD or CRC.
  7. Avenger is with CRC. The world finals 20 body, probally not even though it looks cool. Those are good skins.
  8. They both have been good so far with Brodozer in the game.
  9. That is an awesome Spiderman truck. Keep it up.
  10. I like the body in the game and it handles so well. What do you guys think of the truck in the game? Also join if your interested.