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  1. another good track should be a soundhead entertainment tribute as he has played almost all of your tracks called soundhead and have his logo in the middle of the course
  2. i've always like Paul Winkleman's Evolution, it was a dark maroon and had a skeleton poking out of a hole on the sides and the hood, the back of the truck was black and also in the sides it read evolution in bones, you can find photos on monster trucks wiki
  3. Is there a way to fix this to not repeat forever?
  4. why does the sunbowl event repeat forever?

    1. luis




  5. You should do a replica of a real life track but in your style, that would be cool i think.
  6. the next map you need to put on is boneyard bash
  7. Selinsgrove speedway 2021 (has not happened yet), would be a really cool track to see when the show happens on may 29. Also BAPS in york haven 2019, this would also be a cool show to see on his site.
  8. I downloaded this map and for some reason it is not in my freeroam maps.
  9. now you need and east coast independent skin pack
  10. my game crashed when i tried loading, and i have the crush pack never mind i forgot the shed
  11. mr. blakester

    Bev Pack

    the next update to this pack should be the old stinger bodies with the tail (2011 to 2012, black and white, 2013, green and blue, 2014 to 2015, same colors but reversed, 2016, same design but the tail has more detail(you don't need to do this one but you can if you want) 2017, no tail but still stinger)