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  1. Name: The Dirt Track at Charlotte 2008 Venue: The Dirt Track Racing Style: Custom Figure 8 Replica or Custom: Replica Date Ran: August 18th, 2008
    Elite map, great work!
    Fun map but the lighting/shadow issues make it tough to enjoy
    Super fun and clean track. Great flow in Freestyle
    Since new update the trucks shadow on the map is really pixilated. Only map where I'm having the issue
    These are incredible. Great job man!! The Max D though is not showing up for me in Willman, anyone else having the issue?
    These are spawning as Wretched Willis for me for some reason
    Absolutely incredible, so many great tracks in this pack! Is there a reason Grand Forks 2023 runs so tough on FPS? I can run every single track on Beam no issues at 120 FPS. Grand Forks 2023 sits at about 50-65 FPS for me
    Great job! Amazing remaster, would love to see an All Star Challenge Remaster. Still use that map daily
    All of these have been great, another awesome track
    Great pack that I used pretty much every play, great job!
    Love these, only suggestion on Clarksville freestyle is maybe add a bus stack or something on the Dirt Track portion closest to the stands. A lot of open space on that track and could use 1-2 more jumps
    Lost track of how many hours I've put on this map just doing racing passes. Must have track in the game and one of the all time best
    Not sure if left out intentionally, but the bus is still missing for me in the updated one. Awesome revamp!
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