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    Awesome track, only suggestion is I would add a ramp to the front side of the double bus stack. You absoutely killed this! Gonna put a lot of hours into this track
    Freestyle link is broken for me, any chance of a reupload?
  1. Was about to give a $50+ donation, can I request Charlotte 2019 as the custom arena/stadium? Would be a replica, if not no worries I can stick to a truck but figured I'd ask!
  2. Black Pearl Monster Truck that ran in 2017, everything is the same except a darker background is used
  3. Name: Charlotte Dirt Track Back to School Bash 2019 Venue: The Dirt Track at Charlotte Racing Style: Over/Under Replica or Custom: Replica Date Ran: August 2019 Video here
    Map crashes my game every time I load in
  4. Wassup guys! Long time fan of Monster Jam and Beam/ROR, have my first gaming PC coming in next week and was wondering what all is important for me to run the game for Monster Trucks. Is the CRD 2.2 pack the only thing I would need to download to get all the trucks? Then do I need to download everything from essentials? Thanks!