Show Your Projects Chapter 2

Mike Bev

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On 5/23/2021 at 8:16 PM, Mike Bev said:

Welcome to Show Your Projects Chapter 2!


Lets start off with a bang.  Been holding onto this finished product for a half a month after a month of development, I feel now is the right time to show it off.  Bev Pack v7 is designed to hold y'all over for awhile while the development team is focused on getting CRC done and out, and what would be better to do that than with a brand new body with a brand new jbeam?!?


1954 Corvette Pro Mod by John Dough@Sim-Monsters, Sting and Vette King by Mike Bev




Cool, can you make dragon's breath?

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1 minute ago, jonesdotkid said:

I am just skimming through here, is that for a "Add-On Pack"? these trucks look cool. never thought a truck would look so badass in a video game. Love the Jailbird and Nitro Menace well. Could we possibly see Travis's Extreme Attitude? 

Trucks, if posted by me, will be either Bev Pack or Main Mod unless otherwise stated.  Can't speak for everyone else lol.  Glad you like them two too, and maybe in the future.  Love that design.

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