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V6.01 hotfix: fixed gd engine headers crashing game, added special hater headers to crc (adjustable addons).


V6.0: total overhaul for internal structure in Front Engines, updated chassis jbeams to most current versions, new engines & more!


Note: I had to remove the loading screens mod because it doesnt work anymore. you can keep the old one installed, it shouldnt hurt anything. But just know that it's wasted space now!

Also of note: this will probably be the last version of Front Engines as it currently stands, with future chassis coming out, CRD Front Engines will be redundant and unrealistic. There will still be a Front Engines pack, but it will be drastically different from how it is now.


Hey guys gameboy3800 here once again! This here is the page where you can find all my non-cursed mods for the BeamNG Monster Truck Community! Previously each zip was its own page, and could be a little hard to find. Now though all the main attractions are right here in Developer Addons! I do not want this page to be actually 6 books long, so I’ve included the credits and part documentation for each zip in another file if you like seeing the behind the scenes of creating a mod like me and the other BeamNG Monster Truck Mod developers!


Before continuing, please make sure that you've got all the mods seen on the Developer Addons page to make sure everything will be fully functional. As well, when updating mods you should always clear your cache to avoid texture or mod problems!


Here’s the rundown of what's new in my v6.0 packs:


Adjustable Addons:


MAJOR CHANGES: If you’re looking for the Semi and Bus engines, they’ve been moved to Meme Pack for the past few versions! I have also separated the Loading screens from this mod to be their own zip for those who didn’t want it. My Automation engines have also been moved to their own pack!


New parts: You can now add the Ford Customizable 540ci engine to any of the other base mod chassis like CRD3 and CRD3 custom!


Revamped stuff: Ford Customizable 540ci motor is now able to have twin prochargers for some reason, internal file structure and chassis jbeams totally overhauled.


Fixed stuff: Fixed front engine custom chassis always having a halo equipped.


Loading Screens:

removed sadly. if there is a fix for them, please dm me!


Front Engines:


New stuff: new intake options for the Ford Customizable 540ci.


Revamped Stuff: Way better file structure and chassis jbeam revamps.


Fixed Stuff: removed halo on front engine custom chassis'


Automation Engines:


662CI V8 and 994CI V12 moved from Adjustable Addons to here.


Added 830CI V10 to go into Front Engines pack for set bonus


Rescale Mod:


A brand new mod that can fundamentally change the size, weight, and driving characteristics of CRD!


Rescaled chassis options are their own dropdown to keep from clogging main chassis slot.


Chassis’: Lightweight mod, Double-Scale Mod, and Half-Scale Mod.


Lightweight Mod: a normal CRD Chassis, but it's been trimmed up a bit, and weighs significantly less than a standard chassis!


Double Scale Mod: Do you like big trucks...? How about REALLY BIG trucks...? How about REALLY BIG trucks...? Get 200% scaled trucks!


Half Scale Mod: Do you like big trucks...? Oh you don't? Well don't worry, I've gotcha covered! You're now able to shrink down your favorite trucks to 50% their normal size!


Included Presets for Double Scale Mod: REAL Megalodon and Overbored DoubleScale edition.


Included Presets for Halfscale Mod: BeamNG B, BeamNG C and Grave Digger 34 Halfscale edition.


Set bonus: if you have Adjustable Addons installed, you can install a small electric motor to the HalfScale mod!


Meme Pack:


Although memes isnt on this page here’s what’s new in it regardless:


New parts: Tall suspension options, big wheel options, long chassis options. None of it makes sense, I just did it for fun. Added twin Radial Airplane engines to long chassis as well. Don’t ask why. Added flipped F150 Crewcab body to work with Gio’s Backwards Bob. Added all the necessary parts to make Monster Max 2.0, accessories by Redline. Monster Max 2.0 requires Front Engines and Adjustable Addons to work.


New mod: added fen’s ancient Roblox meme truck. Don’t ask why.


Revamps: slightly fixed backwards f150 body.


Other new things: includes some cringeworthy loading screens.


Fixes: I arguably didn’t make things better this time round… lol.


(double check you dont have duplicate meme pack zips to not cause issues, only keep the newest one!)


You can find Meme Pack here: 


That’s it for now, get out there and break something!

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What's New in Version 6.0


removed loading screens file, latest beam updates killed them sadly and I havent gotten the time to see if there's a workaround.



front engine custom chassis no longer always has halo.


new things:

- ford custom 540 now has option to have a 2nd procharger installed if you have the updated front engines pack installed with the adjustable addons for the set bonus.

- added custom ford540 to be selectable on crd3 & crd3 custom chassis!

- new custom merlin motor for CRC!



-overhauled jbeam for all frontengine chassis', completely changed the front engine packs internal file structure to be more inline with CRD and CRC.

- other cleanups

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