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Official gameboy3800 Community Event 12: Poverty Edition! 1050hp/1300ftlb Limit!

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We're back! I cant believe we've done 11 of these already but here we are! This event is gonna be pretty relaxed, with the only ruleset being enforced is the 1050hp/1300ftlb engine limit and a couple banned parts! Only 1050HP max? Can a supercharged 540 engine even be that low power? Even without any special gameboy3800 parts, yes it can! if you detune the Ford 540 engine's rpm to 5700 and decrease its supercharger air and gears to 2.0 then you'll be right at that limit! My Adjustable Addons and Specialized Addons do have some lower power and naturally aspirated engine options available, but they are not a requirement.


Community Event 12 Main Rules:

  1. Must use public truck (anything on the site)
  2. Track is Gaithersburg 2020.
  3. This is a Best Trick event instead of the last Tough Truck Challenge. its also a points series! top 10 overall get a secret engine project i'm working on a little bit early before its public release in my addon packs! 1st in an event gets 10pts, 2nd gets 9pts, etc. Repeat for 3 Events to get overall points.
  4. This is a POVERTY ruleset run, you can run whatever truck and parts you like, however the MAX HP is ONLY 1050HP!! Can our supercharged engines even get that low? experiment with lower boost numbers and rpms, or even try different intakes and engines from my packs! Max Torque allowed is 1300ft-lb to avoid people bringing in 2300ftlb diesel engines lmao. any fuel source is allowed as long as its below 1050hp/1300ft-lb.
  5. ~30fps minimum; no minimum quality. Just minimum fps. theres a mp noncrush cars version too that may be less taxing than the normal crushcars. disabling shadows also helps on some maps.
  6. missing a ramp outright is a time penalty. if at least 3 tires go over the ramps its considered a good pass.
  7. racing layout: its an oval. one full lap is all we're doing, so hit the ramps a total of 3 times.
  8. Blz parts are banned.
  9. The only adjustable addons parts not allowed are the cheater and cvt gearboxes due to their busted properties. the one exception is the torque converter coupling av ratio cant be over 1.0. everything else fair game.
  10. You can tune the truck however you like using this ruleset.
  11. Orbit cam is preferred, but if you get a cool replay and have proper views of the track and all, I’ll still accept it.
  12. 2 second rollover timer; run is over if you’re on your roof for more than 2 secs to keep hacksaves from happening
  13. Because of how the site works, you must upload your footage to dropbox, google drive, mediafire, etc and paste the file links in this thread or on my discord server to upload your runs. You can also upload to YouTube and I can still download them from there, but the quality will not be as good. DO NOT POST A BEAMNG REPLAY FILE!
  14. Due date by February 24; more than enough time. Stream/video Date is March 3rd!
  15. Since theres so many trucks and chassis out now, claiming a specific truck nowadays is kinda silly. anythings good to drive as long as its a public truck!
  16. Have Fun! Even If you dont get in the top10 in points, the prize Engine will be made public in the next major Adjustable Addons Update!


Here's the Track Link; you can use the MP Noncrush version if your computer is having difficulties running the normal FPS crushcars version.




Thats the end of the quick rules. Here's a full detailed view just to be as clear as possible, but if you understood the above list then you should have no issues starting practice runs immediately!





The rules are simple, pick one truck and one truck only to be able to compete in Racing, Best Trick and Freestyle. All trucks are fair game, just so long as they follow a maximum power figures of 1050HP/1300ft-lb ruleset! more details listed above and in my announcement video!


BEFORE YOU UPLOAD: Please make sure that your computer is capable of running beamng at a framerate of a stable 30fps or higher. resolution and quality settings dont matter as much, but a smoother framerate will really help the viewing experience as well as helping determine who gets the fastest time trials run. Quick tip for this map, you can disable your ingame shadows to get a nice fps boost! Running at lowest settings also doesnt look terrible and is allowed.


ALSO BEFORE YOU UPLOAD: NO PRIVATE PAINTS OR OR UNBREAKABLE BODIES! this is to make sure everyone's on a level playing field and so that the forums or the video dont just get bombarded with "omg where do i get that pls give now". because you know that'll happen.


CLIP SUBMISSION / EVENT ENTRY DUE DATE: February 29! You can post the submission links here or on my discord server.


I will be using the Black Magic machine for all of my runs. it is found in my Adjustable Addons mod.


Please read the rules below before asking questions about making a video or about the event.


general advice: if you hit Alt+U in beam, you can hide your UI, which makes for a much cleaner video, and can sometimes increase fps. also do not forget to mute/close apps like spotify or discord to keep their sounds from entering the video. hit Alt+U again to let your UI reappear when youre done recording.


WHEN UPLOADING YOUR SUBMISSIONS: Please make sure to properly name your submission files, as it's a super big help to me when editing. it's not a requirement in order for your submission to be accepted, but it really does make a world of difference when editing the video. here's an example of how to properly name your file (replace 'gameboy3800' with the name you'd like to be credited as, and replace 'Racing' with whatever the event you recorded for):


You can submit your clips on this forum thread or on my discord server (https://discord.gg/NP97CND), whatever you prefer.


Tuning Your Truck: You are free to use whatever motor you see fit just so long as your MAXIMUM HP is 1050HP/1300FT-LB (plus or minus 5 for leniency)! You can check your vehicle's exact horsepower rating by using the ingame TorqueCurve app! You're free to mess with tuning with whatever motor setup you like, as any motor should be able to be detuned to meet those requirements through the ingame tuning sliders.


BIG FOR COMMUNITY EVENT 12: This is a Points Run! The top 10 overall drivers by the end of the event will get an exclusive 540 Cubic Inch Chevrolet Engine! This is different from the normal 540 Merlin or Ford engines by just being so much higher detail and offer a different power curve from the two current standards. This engine will be public as a part of my next major pack updates, but getting top10 in this show will get you early access!


Getting 1st place in an event gets you 10pts, getting 2nd gets you 9pts, etc. The final points leaders will be calculated at the end of Freestyle!


Racing: if you want to use a cinematic camera to give your run that realistic showcase style, that is fine. but you are free to use whatever camera mode you like. you do not need to have a timer on screen, as i am capable of adding one myself. you can use whatever lane you like; they should both be equal. use whichever lane you think you're fastest in! Because of the 'as you go' nature of a real Poverty fairgrounds style event, the only racing rule is you must get at least 3 tires on the ramps for it to be a clean pass and no mega obvious cheating  by cutting across half the map.


Overall Events Rule: Being realistic will likely get you a better score!


Best Trick: After Racing is Best Trick! You get one hit to do the most impressive stunt or combo you can do! If your truck somehow survived being launched to space then you can go for a 2nd hit, however if you dont do a 2nd hit you wont be scored low for it.


Freestyle: free range; stay within track boundaries and do cool stuff for the full 2 minutes! remember the WOW factor too! Timer starts as soon as you do your first stunt or hit your first obstacle!


IMPORTANT RULE: if you roll over and are on your roof for more than TWO seconds, your runs done. this should eliminate the 'hack saves' that some users (myself included) were guilty of. If you do roll over and can save it, try to turn the truck off and back on to avoid just doing dumb flips everywhere. More realistic runs are likely to be scored higher!


Because of the website format, you have to upload your footage to Mediafire, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc and link the file in your submission post in order for me to download it; you cannot upload directly to the website. you can still upload to youtube if you prefer. i can still rip the footage. my only other request for your uploads is that you keep it just normal truck sounds only. no copyrighted music pls! also, if you could remove the ui (Alt+U) to let the footage look cleaner that would be a big help. it is not required though.


Although this is a points series with a reward for the winners, Dont let that stop you from entering or trying your best, as even if you dont get the reward, it will still be made public in a later Adjustable Addons update for everyone to enjoy! let's just have some fun with this one. i dont want to see any "this users run is invalid" or "i think i should've won". that's not the spirit. we can all get along and have a relaxing day playing some monster jam. in the end, you may even learn a thing or two by watching some other users run, and be able to give helpful tips to others to let them better their own skills! here's a tip from me: if you hit 'Q' on your keyboard, you should be able to use the realistic/manual shifting mode, which allows you to to shift way faster and pull off some incredible stunts and saves!


This event will air on my youtube channel on March 3, 2024. I'm not sure I'll be able to stream it this time but it should still be good to do as a event video!


Disclaimer: by announcing that you will compete and by submitting clips, you agree that i can use the footage to make it a part of the video to be uploaded to my channel. of course if you have a youtube channel that you would like to get promoted, i will gladly post your youtube username and/or your beam-monsters forum username as the driver of the truck you chose to properly give you the credit & shoutout! of course if you wish to remain anonymous, i can do that as well. if you have any questions about what any of this means or you have an issue with me using your footage in my video, then contact me directly to avoid any hassle or confusion. 🙂
Here's my official announcement video that discusses all the main points:



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